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-saiom shriver-

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50,000 DOGS

It ticks us

that the


in Texas



and animal attacks

as research

profiteers at

dinners wear tuxes..



In the fall of 2008, 50,000 captive dogs being subjected to pain drowned

trapped in underground cages at the University of Texas

Thousands of mice and rats died in New York labs

during a hurricane.

Beagles have been the favorite victims of medical researchers at the Univ of Virginia


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avoids mad cow jello

and  eating

food dyes

red blue and yellow




Jello is made from gelatin which is the powder of mammal and bird bones

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Henry went to hospital
Twas Bethesda Naval
and took a picture of an ape
in a restraining chair.
And took it to an international
picture wire
called Black Star
which sent it round the world..
and Gandhi saw and knew
that the treaty had been violated
.. and cancelled monkey export
.. because Henry in 5 hours
.. saw and reached for
.. one bright and reachable... star!




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A Michigan goose

loves a Michigander


From Detroit to



do homage

to Michiganesh." style="margin-top:0px;" width="305" />

Michigan's vegetarrian physician John Harvey Kellogg MD found that within 4 hours after slaughter, the carcass of a murdered cow contained several billion ecoli (colon) bacteria.


Ellen White, vegetarian founder of the Seventh Day Adventists of Michigan, prophesied that in the 20th Century

dairy products would be so full of poison they should be avoided.

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As a rule,

big oil

has fake duels

with Congress

re fossil fuels











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God is infinite, eternal

unconditional, omnipotent,

omniconscious Love.

God all beings indwells

even those

in temporary hells


The way to heaven

is not a stairway

but a slide.

Holiness is letting go...

a very easy glide.



Thought the picture was funny though don't

agree with its conclusions.


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Court ordered desegregation
did not come easily to the South.
At some locations, small black
children had to walk past a gauntlet
of rifle toting white men yelling
hate words.

In one school, the blacks were
made to stand at the back of the class
ostensibly because there were not
enough seats.

In another, a small black girl
was alone in her quarter of the room,
the white children all having moved
their desks away from her.

Rocks were thrown and pittle
projected onto the black children.


In later years, one of the racists would

find his life saved by the intravenous

blood of a black man.

Footnote: The 1954 Supreme Court ruled

in regards to school segregation
that 'separate but equal' was unconstitutional.
The University of Virginia
Center For Politics produced a documentary
about those times.

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"The Star Of India

is within you."



to the heart of

his meditating






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A Dogs Eyes

Have you ever taken the time to truly look into a dog’s eyes?

Your dog’s eyes send a million emotions per minute!

I love the way you smell, taste and how you sound,

Even when I’ve been a naughty girl or boy and you scold me….


When you rub those certain areas under my belly, near my butt and 

Ooooh behind my ears. Love is not a strong enough word.

I would give my life for you; I will be loyal till death and even beyond….


When we take our walks, or go for that run 

even when I’m old and can barely walk I come alive and feel so free

why you may ask, because it’s you and me….


have you noticed my smile lately especially when you throw the ball

I can jump so high and almost fly to catch that old ragged ball….


Have you noticed some other emotions lately? 

Like when you leave me all alone and crated for hours on end

but then you walk back into my life and I leap for joy....


Mommy or Daddy is home

Did you forget to fill my water and food bowl today; I’ll search your eyes

Sniff the air and try to comprehend why….


Please don’t hit me, kick me or torment me as it frightens me so and I really

Don’t understand what I’ve done wrong or to make you so angry

I just want to love you, be your loyal companion until one of us leaves this world

Going into the next!


Take a close look into those dog’s eyes, if you truly look deeply, you will never again be the 

same and if you can abuse that beautiful animal beside you, then you have no soul, no heart and 

are much too vain!


When a dog looks at you, me or any human being, all they ask is to be loved and cared for.

How could you ever look back into those eyes and deny them these few small details of time?

I’ve looked deeply into many a dog’s eyes, the reflection I saw looking back at me….

Pure and simple love and graditude.


Chicahuac Necahuatl 

10:00 PM 2/12/2015

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the love of our four legged furry babies, friends

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Outsmarted Again.

Banana sanwich

bread and jam

piece of cake 

slice of ham

Well done steak

Turn around to get a plate

from a rack


Two little innocent faces

with wagging tails

stirring back.

Peter Dome. copyright.2013. Dec.


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That Place Called School

A place where a person tried to run over me with a car

A place where we apparently can’t bring drugs or we’ll be put behind bars

A place where majority of the kids have no future

A place where no one pays respect to those teachers

A place where I’m stuck eight hours a day

A place where I’m sent to the office if I’m caught getting away

A place where I can’t speak my mind to the idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to live

A place where if I do, I’ll again go to the office for being “offensive”

A place where few are actually themselves

A place where fakes and wannabees dwell

A place where I guess not everyone can be friends

A place where to be cool, you need to keep up with the latest trends

A place where if you’re different you’re labeled a loser

A place where if you’re friends with the different, you’re…..also a loser

A place where I’m shy if I’m quiet, but I’m obnoxious if I’m loud

A place where we all try to fit in with the crowd

A place where people care too much about the little things

 A place where we’re all happy when the bell rings

and i want love to hold your soul

Love, Romance

i want to take you for a ride

through the mountains,
watch the sun go down

beneath the shade of evergreens,
and make a wish upon the first star we see

under the moonlit sky,
and on the way home,

i want to buy you an ice cream cone,
and i want you to hold mine for me,

as i drive through the streets,
because next to you, my love,

i am mesmerized,

just as i was on the very first day,
by the twinkling light

dancing in your eyes.


i want to pull in the driveway
and feel you smile inside

when you hear the dog bark,
and are at last assured i was comforted,

despite your absence,
by an unconditional love,

equal to that you have given me
for so many years,

immeasurable among the reasoning

of common people,
your love has been a gift of inexplicable worth,

that shallow men cannot fathom.


i want to watch as these ties of love,

having bound us so close,
manifest all the years of deep committment

while we bask in those first hours

that unfold our new beginning.


i want to touch your lips
and feel the warmth of your breath upon my fingertips,
feel my heartbeat jump into my throat
and my eyes become as magnets to yours,
and melt away the scornful words of men
that sought to tear your manhood down,
relentless and bitter cruelty leaving scars
without a sound to human ears,
but sure as the sun shines in the sky,
wounds real hearts can hear.


i want to feel your flesh on mine,
as my mouth touches every part,
and trade the place i keep in my mind,
for a journey into your heart,
i'll tell you every longing
as each breath becomes desire,
unspoken, though well understood,
as love takes ahold of our fire.


i want to hold your soul
in love's embrace,

too much time denied,
because to me, my love,
you're just that precious,
i don't want to change

what is shining inside,
and with time we'll journey on this road,
the good things and the bad,
and know that little can lead us astray,
because the worst has already been had.


and so that is what i want... i want love to hold your soul.



11:58 PM 6/13/2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love Sonnet #1001





Get out
I dont want You
I dont need you
Youve messed my head
one to meny times
Over and over You break my trust
and you you have done the worst
best friend lost
i want you gone
out of my life forever
youve interfered with my realationship
drove me to a point of no return
your evil soul should banish to hell
ur heart should sink
ur body shall crumble
you dont deserve ur place in my life
you dont even deserve her
thats right you dont deserve
deserve nothing
not even your life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My bestfriend no more



fun and loving.
They love to jump and play.
They fill me up with happiness!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Cinquain poem I wrote about puppies!

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My neighbor's dog

My thoughts

I know something,
that could be called a secret.
This "secret" is harming something.
This something is my neighbor's dog.

They had a dog,
before this one,
who was a chocolate lab,
and very calm and nice.

So, when that dog died,
they got another one,
a black lab german shepherd mix,
who was a from a pound.

This dog is a wild pup,
and they didn't train the poor thing.
He has lived his whole life,
in their backyard, on a chain.

He has to go pee and poop
on their bricked patio,
his chain doesn't allow the poor dog
to go into the grass.

I can't stand to see this dog
out there, chained up,
pretty much 23.5/7,
often without food or water.

He's also out there in the rain,
in the freezing cold, and snow.
Also when there have been
warnings of tornados.

I feed him over the fence,
but he has to still be hungry.
I want to help him,
but in doing so, will I hurt him?

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Chained up


In the backyard,
Of the neighbor’s yard.
A dog is chained.

Chained up,
Pretty much 24/7,
All the time.

I want to help,
But have been told,
To let it go.

How can I let it go,
If there is a chance,
A chance that I can save the dog?

Maybe I could get him,
To a better family,
One who will take better care of him.

That’s the life,
This dog deserves,
To be loved.

How can I help?
How can I get him to safety?
I want to help!

Let me help,
Let me help,
Let me help him!

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