He wasn’t a photographer 

But was a hobbyist lover

He made from every rose an eternal picture 

While the roses were going to wither


Thanaa Darwish

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Slumber awaits us

To reside in slumber bears weakness in my heart. 


I am not yet ready to ascertain the thoughts which dwell deep within my conscious mind, unbearing of the truth that is fortold upon diminishing it's recess, for I tremble as the witness to my own unconscious. It is here that I am forever entranced by the ideas of love and eternity, which inevitably have their own fate within my course of existence. Frequently, I wonder why such a dubious pattern of life emulates in the form that it so deliberately does. Fear lies within the wounds of my tormented soul as I try to reclaim the steps of what I've once known. My life is but a glimse of what lies ahead, a journey I know will beckon the everlasting hardships of the conscious collective. For the reasons of understanding nothing, while believing fully in the ever expanding source of knowledge from which we graze, I cease to acknowedge any bit of certainty that may lay claim to my being. Nothingness is apart of the universal collective, assimilated through light into the realm of the physical, yet transcended from the dominion that fabricates our ascension. At times I begin asking myself the questions of eternity, only to revert back to the darkness encompassing my vision, as I lay still in my bed.


Untelling is the way of the mind, and unparalleled is the insanity that it may bear. 

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Mind consuming 

Awe striking 

Never ending 


Actual Love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

79 days into eternity

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Without out you my love I am so lost and so cold 

They say home is where the heart is, well you are my home 

When I'm cold and tired, weak and shivering 

When I'm frosted and beat and my toes are tingling

I fall in your arms, feel your warm body and hold tight 

You melt the ice you make things alright 

Your warm and cozy and I relax in your grasp 

I fall asleep swaddled in your love that will always last 

You warm my body, my heart my soul

I miss you right now, right now I'm not with you and I'm alone and cold 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

72 days into eternity

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"Just stay with me" is what you say 

That's all i want every second of every day 

That's all I need, you know it's true 

The feelings mutual, you want to stay too

Wrapped in your arms, my pain is lifted 

The wars going on, this life is conflicted 

But if i stay with you, my world has meaning 

When I stay with you, i feel like I'm dreaming 

Eyes locked , in each others arms, we travel to a different dimension 

Where it's just are love, that's all we need, it's our pension 

When you get close to me, I get warmed up 

My soul and my skin get warm to your touch 

Starring in your jewel blue eyes is like staring in the ocean 

I'm lost in your sea, blocking out life's commotion 

This world is a mess, I realised that when I became mature 

I want to do something special with you, I just want more 

And I. Know that will come with time 

This literally is a freestyle rhyme 

No drafts just typing what I think in bed 

Without you I am dead 

But all I know is that when I stay 

Nothing else matters you're all I think about night and day 

And when I stay with you everything is ok


Author's Notes/Comments: 

67 days into eternity 

No drafts I just wrote what i thought allowed never picked my fingers up from the keyboard straight out of my heart these words have flown

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I ask like an interviewer,

Eternity, where are you?

Eternity whispers as a beloved,

Just above the blue!


I ask it gravely again,

Sorry! I don’t get the point!

Eternity replies as an intellectual,

Well I don’t mean to disappoint!


I would be like to be a part of eternity!


Relax and wait, when time comes, you’ll be!

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Eternity (Day 6)

365 Day Challenge


I look towards the sky.


Past the clouds,


Past the sun,


Past the moon,


Past the planets,


Past the stars,


And gaze into eternity.


The unknown future,


And the too well known past,


It feels so insignificant as I sit


and admire the possibilities,


Of life,


Of love,


Of Eternity.

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Timeless Time


mystery prevails

nameless destination to

where Life begins there.


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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8 Poems

A dog is so cheaply bought.. He sells his heart
for all eternity for a handful of popcorn

(to Karin Anderson who has never said
no to a suffering being)

His dogs and cats cannot read.. save the script of his soul
They cannot write..except on his heart'
(T Zagar has for many years kept 3 fulltime jobs going
.... librarian, astrologer, and keeper of an animal
The dog was abandoned,
.. said the answering service,
on Howe Road.. She waited
at a telphone pole
for 48 hours. For 2 days she had
chased each passing car.
1000 times her heart rose
and fell
until she learned how not
to feel..

Later she found a happy
The roots of trust grew
but steadily..
as pain took many moons
to seep out of her

(to Constantina Fiorentino of Akron's Animal Aid
and all those involved in the rescue of animal or human refugees)


Black Hawk down.
Sikorsky profits up.


Food colorings
yellow and red and blue
It's time FDA corporate operatives
we overthrew

5 chemicals banned overseas and allowed in the US

yellow number 5
red number 40
Azodicarbonamide, also called the yoga mat compound because it’s used to make exercise mats, is found in hundreds of baked goods and TV dinners.
Brominated Vegetable Oil

not on the list:

Sodium nitrate, the red dye making gray meat look red, is not on the list

caramel color   in many sodas... cola companies have delayed its withdrawal


For the hungry
she provided food.
San Antonio Texas
made it her rood

San Antonio Texas has joined Canton Ohio in fining someone for feeding the hungry
The lady will appeal her $2000 fine as she cites the 1st amendment


Sid sowed seed
in the sod
on the side
of the house
for Sadie


As red hot lava turns to
translucent green jewels
while pouring into the sea,
so crystallizes poets' agony
into poetry
for you and for me.
My muse -Robert Anthony Maguire- (FrogAngel2) in I See The Real You
  'into a mind of poetic thought i peek I watch as it organizes pain into words'
Michael Wilson's  'a man's heart saddened is a poet's heart gladdened'


How many daisies
A daisy cutter bomb....

phoenix birds.


April 16 and 17 2015


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