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Failure, frustration,

Pessimism, success, enthusiasm,

Optimism, happiness, criticism,



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Home Sweet Home

You, We Me
Home is where the heart is
And I feel at home with you
My comfort place
It is
Secured in your embrace
A feeling so true!
Home sweet home
And that's only you!
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touch or click


My heart glitters at thy remebrance

Moistened with your embrace

Heart twinkles; a resemblance

My love for you; a race


My heart gliiters at thy remembrance

Joyious for shared kisses

Missed such glorious occurance

Body craves in emptiness


My heart glitters at thy remebrace

A plausible character

Deliveribility with much grace

All for you; my character


With much love in my heart

You are forever my gold









Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of those unkown things your heart does when you really miss someone you love!

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Time Flows.. If I Could Have Stopped It.. I Would Have.

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Days fall in the surrenduring wake of the sun.

Weeks retreat upon the calendar, as the

tide retreats during the gaze of a full moon.

Months fall as swift as Napoleon's men

during the era of the Scorched Earth campaign.

Years hold hostage, father time

captivating mother earth to free her beloved one

with a thunderous might drowning out civilization.

Decades pass, like the breeze which rustles

the seeds that carry forth... the future.

Centuries write themselves into history..

Tales of heroism and bravery passed down

Inspiring the seedlings who bask in the glory of the past.

In all this time that has passed..

The days, weeks, months, years..

It is the minutes.. and seconds that I spent with you

that I will cherish for eternity and am glad to say..

That I spent them with you...

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One Small Step

I raise my hands

I give up

Finally death overwhelms my soul

Ashes to ashes

To earth we return

To the embrace of home

And I am going home

But death is just the beginning

A small step to a greater journey

So don’t mourn my passing

Don’t cry

But laugh hysterically

Shout till your lungs burst

Because I’m waiting for you

I’m waiting for you to catch up

Because you are a step behind


And we’ll love again when you come here

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Lovers embrace

A word from you is a delight.
I am happy to know you are comforted.
Your words give me warmth.
Meeting you is my pleasure.
Every goodbye is bittersweet bliss,
As is every farewell embrace.
For every time we embrace,
I take in the delight,
As it is pure bliss.
The feeling of being comforted.
A hold of pleasure,
To share each others warmth.
For it is your warmth,
I find in your embrace,
That gives me pleasure.
A lover's delight.
In your arms I am comforted,
And I find heavenly bliss.
It is bliss,
That you find in my warmth.
I promise to keep you comforted,
In my embrace.
So relax in delight,
And hold a moment's pleasure.
We share the pleasure.
We share the bliss.
We dive into each others delight,
In each others warmth,
Of lovers embrace
We are comforted.
To be comforted,
Tis such a pleasure,
We find in a kindly embrace.
We found bliss,
In each others warmth.
Oh, tis such a delight.
The delight in being comforted.
In warmth we find pleasure.
The bliss of an embrace.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this at work. I love hugs.

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and i want love to hold your soul

i want to take you for a ride

through the mountains,
watch the sun go down

beneath the shade of evergreens,
and make a wish upon the first star we see

under the moonlit sky,
and on the way home,

i want to buy you an ice cream cone,
and i want you to hold mine for me,

as i drive through the streets,
because next to you, my love,

i am mesmerized,

just as i was on the very first day,
by the twinkling light

dancing in your eyes.


i want to pull in the driveway
and feel you smile inside

when you hear the dog bark,
and are at last assured i was comforted,

despite your absence,
by an unconditional love,

equal to that you have given me
for so many years,

immeasurable among the reasoning

of common people,
your love has been a gift of inexplicable worth,

that shallow men cannot fathom.


i want to watch as these ties of love,

having bound us so close,
manifest all the years of deep committment

while we bask in those first hours

that unfold our new beginning.


i want to touch your lips
and feel the warmth of your breath upon my fingertips,
feel my heartbeat jump into my throat
and my eyes become as magnets to yours,
and melt away the scornful words of men
that sought to tear your manhood down,
relentless and bitter cruelty leaving scars
without a sound to human ears,
but sure as the sun shines in the sky,
wounds real hearts can hear.


i want to feel your flesh on mine,
as my mouth touches every part,
and trade the place i keep in my mind,
for a journey into your heart,
i'll tell you every longing
as each breath becomes desire,
unspoken, though well understood,
as love takes ahold of our fire.


i want to hold your soul
in love's embrace,

too much time denied,
because to me, my love,
you're just that precious,
i don't want to change

what is shining inside,
and with time we'll journey on this road,
the good things and the bad,
and know that little can lead us astray,
because the worst has already been had.


and so that is what i want... i want love to hold your soul.



11:58 PM 6/13/2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love Sonnet #1001




My Place

My Love

I’m sorry
But I can’t help but stare
I know those eyes
And I see right into them
Past the walls placed against them
Past all the remarks
Past all the cover-ups
Right to the scars
Right to the pain
Right to your fears
I’m your heart
Or at least
That’s what you gave me
I’ll never leave you
I’ll never let them hurt you
I’m always here
Embracing you
Letting you know
You’re still alive
And have so much to live for
This is my place
Living on the inside
So you can live without

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Softness embraces their bodies.
Gently, oddly, their kiss is stunned.
Deftly, the broken kiss weaves a feeling.
The feeling, unlike the kiss itself,
Is harsh.
The feeling pulls out specific emotions.
Unlike the actual sting of hurt, or violence.
But the brutal bite of everlasting love.
The love doesn’t go without cause.
Needlessly it’s around, drawing and weaving.
It’s sweet.
The scent of their bodies fills the air.
Not in a bad way, no.
But in a way that has them droopy,
Cute and sleepy.
The scent strokes along their minds,
Their hearts.
The bite of love is more than just a bite…
It is the bond we share.
Were I to ask this bite to soothe,
I wouldn’t, couldn’t.
The bite is pleasure between two human bodies.
And I, being one of the bodies, have to realize...
I love you.

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