That Place Called School

A place where a person tried to run over me with a car

A place where we apparently can’t bring drugs or we’ll be put behind bars

A place where majority of the kids have no future

A place where no one pays respect to those teachers

A place where I’m stuck eight hours a day

A place where I’m sent to the office if I’m caught getting away

A place where I can’t speak my mind to the idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to live

A place where if I do, I’ll again go to the office for being “offensive”

A place where few are actually themselves

A place where fakes and wannabees dwell

A place where I guess not everyone can be friends

A place where to be cool, you need to keep up with the latest trends

A place where if you’re different you’re labeled a loser

A place where if you’re friends with the different, you’re…..also a loser

A place where I’m shy if I’m quiet, but I’m obnoxious if I’m loud

A place where we all try to fit in with the crowd

A place where people care too much about the little things

 A place where we’re all happy when the bell rings


The Union flag comes down once more
Another job done in a foreign War
Lets salute and march and take home or dead
As the enemy leaves theirs for the vultures instead
Young men missing legs and arms and friends
Come home to Britain to start again
Some go straight to jail
Others languish on the streets
One takes his life coz he is missing his feet
Fake Veterans parade on Remembrance day
Lying about how it was in `Their` Day
Their War was e-bay and a last minute bid
For ten medals and a beret
He hopes it will fit
The dead are still dead
The Fakes still cheat
A Royal Marines toes still itch on his missing feet.

© Tony McNally

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This is Ahhh revolution in music that's what ur ears are hearing ; never fearing da words that come so close & near & ; im entwined with da shrine thats heavily enriched in my mind ; graphic designs twist ; fuse ; & combine with da everlasting beat thay comes from my heart line ; & da beat goes on & never fades away ; feeding my thought processs & shaking my vertebrae ; i say shaking my vertebrae ; i say shaking my vertebrae ; I say ... my words are miracle visuals ; criminals of the typical lyrical syllables ; blind from the visible pinnacles that the pitifuls set ; I'm da principle u nuttin but a substitute pet ; & I'm tired of these immature haters with there fake double layers portrayin who they really are ; wen they nuttin but some failures ; while I'm building up my paper I see it's building up they're anger ; & it's jus pathetic in there nature ; cuz that type of shit can break y'all ; losers with a couple degrees y'all jus some major fakers ; not even worth my time to spit a decent line when I can school these niqqas in a nursery rhyme ; cuz listen ; twinkle twinkle ; ur mom was smoking my cigar ; type bazaar going far while she gazed up to a star ; u need to understand how small u really are ; ur an average key niqqa ; Getting schooled by a space bar ; & I can keep going but this shit would be way to long ; but come at me again & I'll turn ur existence into a sing along.


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Hater Friend

Random Poems

its funny how ur friend can turn into a hater or even worse then that a traitor // being by ur side all this time so u thought that yall was greater // smh a lesson learned sooner or later // i would say to trust no one but urself but to survive u must trust few // so in tern u must be able to see through & gain that field of view // & fuck those pointless haters that wanna put all there aggression towards you // then u wanna add me on facebook and hmu on aim // dam these faggots got no fucking shame // u nothin but a pathetic chicken hen // not even worth being my twitter friend // that's why ur mama be hidin like osama bin Ladin // cuz she don't wanna deal with no gay ass Aladdin // so do me a favor // stick ur nose out of my business and shove it up a fags end.


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