A Dogs Eyes

Have you ever taken the time to truly look into a dog’s eyes?

Your dog’s eyes send a million emotions per minute!

I love the way you smell, taste and how you sound,

Even when I’ve been a naughty girl or boy and you scold me….


When you rub those certain areas under my belly, near my butt and 

Ooooh behind my ears. Love is not a strong enough word.

I would give my life for you; I will be loyal till death and even beyond….


When we take our walks, or go for that run 

even when I’m old and can barely walk I come alive and feel so free

why you may ask, because it’s you and me….


have you noticed my smile lately especially when you throw the ball

I can jump so high and almost fly to catch that old ragged ball….


Have you noticed some other emotions lately? 

Like when you leave me all alone and crated for hours on end

but then you walk back into my life and I leap for joy....


Mommy or Daddy is home

Did you forget to fill my water and food bowl today; I’ll search your eyes

Sniff the air and try to comprehend why….


Please don’t hit me, kick me or torment me as it frightens me so and I really

Don’t understand what I’ve done wrong or to make you so angry

I just want to love you, be your loyal companion until one of us leaves this world

Going into the next!


Take a close look into those dog’s eyes, if you truly look deeply, you will never again be the 

same and if you can abuse that beautiful animal beside you, then you have no soul, no heart and 

are much too vain!


When a dog looks at you, me or any human being, all they ask is to be loved and cared for.

How could you ever look back into those eyes and deny them these few small details of time?

I’ve looked deeply into many a dog’s eyes, the reflection I saw looking back at me….

Pure and simple love and graditude.


Chicahuac Necahuatl 

10:00 PM 2/12/2015

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the love of our four legged furry babies, friends

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bishu's picture

OMG !!!!!!!

... Lovely heart touching.. Respected necahuati (hope I got the spelling right) Have a nice V-DaySmile



necahuatl's picture


Glad you like. No, you misspelled it, it is Necahuatl not i and you have a nice day too.




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