Dear [Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]


Stay near

Heart burns so

If you go afar

As the luminous moon, star

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*Untitled 9*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Where to begin where to end 

When to say when how to win

My love is all I want to send

To be with you 

To hold your hand 

To really know you is to know

To take a stand

To be a friend 

To say hello good-bye good day goodnight 

To tell the one you love 

What a sight 

To forgive after a fight 

Finding bad news 

Holding eachother while taking a snooze

Taking care of each others heart 

Saying you love 

Trying not to fall apart

Promising people won't shove

A perfect fit as tight as a glove

Missing each other 

Kissing one another 

Always tell the truth

No matter how scared you may be

If your love is true

You'll understand you'll see

I can't wait till that day you look up at me 

While your on one knee

When I met you 

My skies they turned blue

Baby you're the one for me 

Don't ask how I just know

So please don't set me free




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may change it a little. I don't know yet. What do you think?

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The Dear Poem

Hey Post Poems, how are you today?
I have this idea, and I'd love to do it,
But at sixty hours a week,
My back told me, "Oh, screw it!"
Wanna hear what it is?
Ok, here goes,
I woke up today, and found this on the tip of my nose,
As you see, we love to use words here a lot,
But so many words, it seems that I need, I forgot,
So I was thinking to open up a section of this site,
To write "Dear Letters" to words so we can write them right,
It could help to enhance one's expression of beauty,
Or even help some with a new language,
At dictionary visits of hundreds a day,
I bet that website's portals could use a bandage.

I am starting it off with a letter to "Vague",
He's been stalking since I was "Blunt"
I keep telling his sorry ass to get away,
Oh, you'd never believe this little runt!



Dear Vague,
    I have had it with you! You never give me the whole story, you're like half of a shoe. What good are you? You walk around like you're astute, but you're lazy, you never explain anything, and why I'm giving you the boot!



3:17 PM 4/17/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I woke up with it in my head. Had to clean it out of there before I begin my day.

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Dear Jan


My one dearest Jan,

Where are you now?

I see you've been gone

From our hometown


It's been three years since I last saw you

I regret that I ever knew you

It was nothing but disgrace

You made me fall far from grace


I was 15 

and knew nothing

You were old enough

To fool my young heart


I loved you too much

And soon when we touched

I never knew when to stop

Then you put me down to drop


That deep feeling was too high

It seemed too new to me

Those sad times were full of lies

But doubts never crossed me


They said I was  lucky to have you

I guess they just don't know the true you

Your sick self that frightened me is far from

Your sweet face you displayed in our last prom


You acted so good

You fooled her too

She fell to your traps

Like me with your match


But you never loved her

Bet her clear vision blurred

'Cause she loved you too

The way I used to


Dear Jan, I'm turning 18 now

But Jan, I still remember how

You lost my trust and love

Replaced by tears and grudge


I played fair through your rules

I played games though so cruel

Then you laughed at the end of it all

Then I cried, "I should have known"


I was 15 and thoughtless

I danced through your flames and traps

You were 18 and ruthless

You planned that sad, heartless match


Dear Jan, I cried back then so hard

'Cause Jan, I gave you all my heart

You made me lose all of my faith

Yet I stood up after those fails


Jan, I'm smiling again now

Jan, I can love again now

Though they failed too

They weren't like you


Even if you answer things I ask

They can never bring back the past

You made myself hide for some time

You made my heart cry the whole time


Lessons from you should be learned

Pictures of you should be burned

Three years ago, I was naïve with you

Recalling you, I now know what to do

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Dear. 2pac

Dear. .. 2pac

I'v never met
A man like tupac
I'v felt yourwords , in your music
Every word
you rapped away
People say you died !
I say your still alive
not walkin this fucked up earth
But your soul, your strength
Lives and Breathes Inside
your music give me the drive
To wake , to cry , to forget
And to fuckin try
I thank you tupac,
Like a brother ,
like a preacher ,
like a father ,
and a teacher,
You started out by slangin ..
Slangin drugs to droppin the ryhmes
One song at a time
I thank you .
Makin my lifes better every time
I crank you're ryhmes
At any fuckin time
I know you're still alive
So everyday I know
You'll help me
at anytime

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just my little rap song I was working on .

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Dear Old Friend


Dearest Friend,


It is past 12:00 am

I am laid down in my bed-

Not counting sheep, but thinking of you

It sucks because I can’t get you out of my head—

I think of all the good moments we had

The times you made me laugh and smile

During my most rainy days all the while.--

I think of your touch, your kiss

A passionate bliss.

Do you remember it?


You left, you were gone.

I realized it was just a dream. It is done.

My once colored world turned to a gloomy nightmare.

I wish you knew what I feel.

I am grasped in a sudden agony of despair; it’s so real.

I am Lost. Isolated. Miserable, Shattered, Alone.

Lost, isolated, miserable, shattered, Alone.

It is as if you’ve taken my soul.

And what’s left of me is my dead walking body.

I am nobody.

Things have changed. It’s different now.

It is as if I never existed. But how?

I don’t understand.

You don’t look at me the same way,

Or smile that lovely smile that would brighten my day.

Weird part is, you hate me

Yet I still love you.

Nothing hurts more--

Than knowing that he meant the world to you,

But you meant nothing to him.

At least, not today.

So I say to you these last words-

Thank you for all those precious moments you gave me

They mean a lot, although it didn’t last.

Heh, nothing does huh?

How stupid I was to think in fairy tales.

But this isn’t a fairy tale, its reality. Love fails.

I ask myself, should I regret loving you?

Oh, love may be cruel,

But if I didn’t meet you

I wouldn’t know its sublime power.

I forgive you. After all, all good things come to an end.

You were always my companion, my sweet, dearest friend.

So thank you.

I shall accept it and go home now.

It is time for me to move in a different path.

If I don’t, I will be doomed forever concealing this wrath.

But I tell you this, I shall love again.

You just weren’t the one.

It was nice meeting you Love,

Farewell, my dearest friend.






Author's Notes/Comments: 


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