Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

you don't have to say you love me...
as a bug snuggled in a rug,
aroma...basking in the aroma
a time well spent in thought

put a pot on & wait
smell the variation of a dream people scream
a thought by which to ponder
a heavenly call up a yonder

let's talk about the days we used to share
thoughts of desire when we used to care
put a little Cremora in my cup
days we were lost in a purple haze

today we are just mice stuck in a maze
look outside at the trees & feel the breeze
this should knock you to your knees
we are all busy as a bee

Coffee can fill your heart with glee
a boyfriend with his girl hoping that she would marry thee
love is the essence of our meager existence
take me away to a land of make believe

Savor each taste filled with sullen brevity
this can set you free
the notion of a sip can lighten your wit
to treasure a red rose that was plucked a time before

Snap shot memories of your past
having so much fun with a hope that it would last
memories can set you free

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Haqueian Verse


To me now,

Let’s sit,

Reconcile as we,



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I was sitting
in my favourite café
sipping an iced coke
when this dame


behind me
(in conversation
with some guy) said
and he already


owes me
a thousand pounds
in maintenance
for the kids


(the kids came
into view now
and then
as they played


around the tables
and he wanted them
as much as I


the guy she was with
pumped her questions
about the marriage
(maybe he was a friend


or perhaps
he was hoping
to get his leg over


along the line
of time)
and he seldom visits
she said


and every child
needs a father
but they
rarely see him


and I say to him
you need to see
your children more
(the guy's voice


behind me is soft
and concerning)
children need a father
need that security


he said
I tried not to listen
just sipped my coke
looking at the people


nearby who I could see
but all the while
this dame's voice
opens up and continues


mind you
he never was
much of a lover


the guy said
well not
100% committed
she said


there was always
something else
going on his head
you know what I mean?


she said
the guy said
and I imagined


he nodded his head
(maybe thinking
I'd be a much better
lover than he)


I allowed
a cube of ice
to enter my mouth
cold it rattled


against my teeth
how long is
he going to leave it?
she said


the back payments
are already a thousand
and I have the kids
to feed and clothe


and the mortgage to pay
and Daddy
will only pay so much
she said


the guy fed her
more questions
I didn't quite catch
the words


(quiet speaker
unlike her
who spoke loud)
she laughed


and I sipped
more coke
trying to listen in
on the words


of the joke
jazz was being played
from the in house radio
some Miles Davis


I think
early stuff
I drained the remains
of my coke


and got up
put on my cap
and grabbed my stick
and as I turned


I casually gave
the dame a look
(a kind of fill in
for my picture book)


a blonde
and the guy


in a tee-shirt


and jeans
as I walked off
with my stick
and a head full


of information
I gave them
one last look
back at their table


I couldn't see them
as bed fellow
least not
in my book.

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Sitting in Silence

I could sit hours upon hours with you,

listening to you talk about anything and everything that could possibly pop into your perfect little head.

The past, present, future, your family, your friends, your dreams.

I'd listen to you talk about all the things that make you cringed, or cry, or smoke from the ears.

I'd listen to you complain about the economy, the weather, or all the flaws you see in yourself though I see you as flawless.
And if for some reason,

through all your hours of talking, 

your mind goes blank,

and you run out of things to say,

I could sit hours upon hours with you,

being completely content listening to the silence that surrounds you and me.

Talk and Stay


Echoes of your voice ring

Feelings I've been keeping

I drank this blue bottle

My heart didn't settle


The laughters we had

They make me feel bad

Tragic are these stories

Our tale didn't exist


I thought I'd be drunk

Just sleep on this bunk

But I couldn't help picturing you

And I couldn't stop thinking of you


Of how you are tonight

I think of you a lot

If you are just alright

'Cause honestly I'm not


I went to your house today

You were not there again

There are things I want to say

Things a phone cannot send


Face me just this time

Don't walk away like you do

Just talk and stay only to

Make me feel alright


I beg you, don't go

I want this to close

There are things I want you to know

How I felt way before the cold

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The Dear Poem

Hey Post Poems, how are you today?
I have this idea, and I'd love to do it,
But at sixty hours a week,
My back told me, "Oh, screw it!"
Wanna hear what it is?
Ok, here goes,
I woke up today, and found this on the tip of my nose,
As you see, we love to use words here a lot,
But so many words, it seems that I need, I forgot,
So I was thinking to open up a section of this site,
To write "Dear Letters" to words so we can write them right,
It could help to enhance one's expression of beauty,
Or even help some with a new language,
At dictionary visits of hundreds a day,
I bet that website's portals could use a bandage.

I am starting it off with a letter to "Vague",
He's been stalking since I was "Blunt"
I keep telling his sorry ass to get away,
Oh, you'd never believe this little runt!



Dear Vague,
    I have had it with you! You never give me the whole story, you're like half of a shoe. What good are you? You walk around like you're astute, but you're lazy, you never explain anything, and why I'm giving you the boot!



3:17 PM 4/17/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I woke up with it in my head. Had to clean it out of there before I begin my day.

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