Snakes By The Fire

I have been a dreamer, a lover, and a friend-
tonight, I dance with snakes by the fire...
Burning desires that will condemn our souls,
we welcome the night and to the end of what
we were...Innocent Children!
Now we worship the Gods of Rock and Roll; we
are snakes by the fire, dancing, chanting, and
singing songs of praise. The fire does not burn
us or do we die young; we live forever...long
after you die...slithering this earth, consuming
Dreams are distant now, love is UN-timely,
friends are foes, and foes best enemies to keep
close, as they smile at my face; I smile back,
then kill them all...
Snakes by the fire dancing with the devil-
Tonight, I am a snake; The Lizard Prince returns..
The fire we dance by is the world we consume-
rejoice evermore! Trust no one!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about trust!

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