Do you?

Time for change

Can't believe I let myself feel this way
Normally I'm not like this
I never make mistakes.
I listen to my heart and what it has to say
Cause When it comes to you, i let one thing get in the way
The feelings I have for you
Are more than I can deal
But no matter what
I want you to know that this is real
I need time to plan and make my move
Horrible timing on my part
On the holidays I choose
Want to bring in the new year
With you
We cheers
Kiss and share.
This wonderful time
To start new
Eliminate all our fear.
Can't promise it will work
I just hate delivering pain
Why did I get so lucky with you
How you drive my body insane.
It may not be tomorrow but baby it will end with us
In the end it's going to be me and you
Indulging in each others love.
So just wait take a moment to be
Iv said this a million times before...
Do you trust me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes! You

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