From a Boy to a Girl

From a boy to a girl,
Containing drops of my heart,
Falling and whirling,
Till they make up a part.

It is the part that connects,
To make up the whole,
The whole is perplexed,
To see the drops that were stole.

Together they strive,
to make up a beat,
the beat then strives,
to push blood to my feet.

My feet begin standing,
(as almost all feet do),
I look down thinking,
"Am I standing for you?!"

"Surely not for you...",
is me initial response,
I figure I can't have you,
and push you from my thoughts.

My thoughts won't die,
my heart won't sleep,
my mind won't fight it,
therefore you creep.

Back into vision,
I cant help but cry,
"Why fall for a girl,
who can't fall for a guy?"

Then for the laugh,
(I could see a cruel joke),
How can she love you,
If you're already broke?

I push my pieces together,
I mend them with glue,
I tape a few holes,
All while thinking of you.

Now a deep breath,
I take a step back,
"well, the glue is still wet,
And the pieces still cracked.."

Yet, all in all I was happy,
for together they stood,
my heart and my soul,
both back as they should.

Stood thinking of my next problem,
until I had an epiphany,
I knew what to do,
To make you see what you meant to me.

I grabbed a few drops,
of this heart that was whole.
I tore off a piece,
of my once shattered soul,

I put my being in a bottle,
marked clearly as ink,
I dipped a pen inside,
to tell you what I think.

What I think is important,
at least I think it may be,
I think that you are feeling,
much the same way as me.

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This really touched my heart. Such passion, so real. Breathtaking.