Alas, these simple moments
as they simple as they seem,
are never simple to the thinker,
ever changing as I dream.

Alas, beautiful nostalgia,
As cold and quiet as a noose.
Leaving most difficult decisions,
yet reminding me to choose.

Alas, loving heartbreak,
stabbing like a shiv,
keep me going nowhere,
yet reminding me to live.

Alas, stupid courage,
as strong as I may seem,
reminding me to fight,
yet advising me to leave.

Alas, simple trust,
refusing me to fail.
always surrounded with these lies,
yet refusing truth to tell.

Alas, self-awareness,
as cold as you may be.
I have something to thank you for,
that thanks shall ever be.

Alas, my mind shall sing,
as truthful as the birds,
when I have a song to sing,
I will sing these simple words

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