Special Shower Head To Have Spa Experience At Your Home

Home is the place where you come to relax and keep yourself sane from all the stress you face in the outer world. So, what’s the first thing you prefer when you reach your place it’s the shower you take to relax.  Imagine reaching your luxurious washroom and see the rusty shower with a drop of water coming then your all mood gets spoiled, and then this is the time to change it. Gurin has come up with the Rain Shower Head High-Pressure Spa System that will give you a fantastic feeling.  It comes with the Luxury Bathroom Showerhead with Chrome Plated Finish as well as has the Adjustable Angles, Anti-Clogging Silicone Nozzles give you the opportunity to move in any direction.

This is the spa system that will save your time and money to visit the luxurious spas and give you a relaxed feeling at your comfort space. If you are looking for the Shower head that will help you to revitalize your shower time then this right option for you. The best part of this rain shower head is that it comes with the easy installation process, which means you don’t need the plumber, simply follow the instruction and fit it into your washroom.

The shower heads with handheld spray is convenient for everyone, as you have the opportunity to move to any direction you prefer to.  This will not only give the high-pressure water but also provides the new look to your washroom. This special led shower head is made up of the best quality that keeps it away from rust.

This Shower will give a new look to your washroom and add a pleasant feeling to your washroom.  If you are still tired of searching then try this special shower is just for you. Get it ordered today and relieve the spa experience at your home.

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Luca Todani

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Meteor Shower

If the possibility of calling you mine

were riding on a shooting star,

I'd shower in meteors. 

Demons Freed

The heat beats upon my body and skin
as I let loose the demons held winthin
The dance about as I sit and ponder
The laugh and mock as I let my mind wander
It spins free to all the possibilities
The truths and lies of sanity's
I free myself from mental torture
I let go of what I've been made to endure
They run around me but I see them not
All I see is my life stiring in a pot
I see my past and furture, all as one
I see what will come and what is done
I feel my anguish wash away again
Wishing with it so would go all sin
The warmth burns and reddens me
but that feeling is like ecstacy
I lie and allow my body to go dead
I lose all feeling even dread
I relax into and out of myself all at once
Allowing in my mind a unique balance
I finally feel again at peace
All of the evil thoughts cease
They run out of my head to the room
Doing things I dare not assume
Then I feel my peace as it slowly begins to fade
as I must leave this place where I was unafraid
I turn the nobs to stop my joy
I rise and let myself destroy
all that finally had felt right
Now I begin to feel my sight
I am back to this hardened world
My demons rush in and make be feel hurled
The sorrow sinks deeper and deeper
Never allowing my thoughts to alter

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually thought this up in the shower cuz it is my place to relax and think