Science Fiction

One Way Trip

Science Fiction

Transported through the gate

into another realm

of hate


One way trip

to the abyss


Creatures of all alien

shape Populate the landscape 


Speaking in cursed

forgotten tongues lost to history


Now in for a show

but no pop corn to chew on


As your body is devored piece by piece

by the worms of stillborn waters


Crawling in through all your offices;

decomposing the immortal soul


Munching on the pain of your flesh 

sharing all the horrors of hell with your mind 


There is no refuge

nowhere to hide,


No grave,

only the wasteland that surrounds you









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Colony: The Promised Land (Full Poem)

We left the earth,

that toxic waste dump,

left all that meaningless

strife behind, 


"We said screw it" and

boarded our ship and blasted

off into the unknown, searching

for some place better to live


But paradise would be a lot harder

to find then we thought.


We spent years out there in that void.

barely staying afloat,

lives lost, their bodes

ejected out into the vacuum,


Our hope was fading, motivation lacking,

chasing the snipe, going in circles,

all we could see was darkness in every

direction; we were lost, we had wagered

our lives on a fantasy, on a false promise.


God would never answer our prayers, we were alone,

the only thing that would change our plight was us,

our faith in ourselves, our love for each other and the 

will to push on despite the infinitesimal chance of finding

our colony: our promised land.




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Short Stories

It was night and what everyone thought was hail was happy, because water was in short supply and the water riot, and water rebellions were still going on so the idea of free water made everyone even if it was frozen. little did we know they were actually fake rocks falling from the sky from a overhead airplane covered the streets in order predict everyone movement when the chaos erupted that way it was easier to track us, but was there only tool, After everything that happened we learned from police they also had setup in grid like pattern through out the city these floating drone that hovering place silently like a balloon but when you got near them you could hear the buzzing but barley. we could see them at first cause they blended in with was behind them, . They were equipped with 360 degree cameras hidden behind outer shell which some kind of camouflage able to project what was behind it no matter what way you faced it, the only way you could tell it was there was a glimmering silhouette and and it was off color about spherical screen, Later on when the first responders started showing not knowing what was they activated, anyone, that tried passing the grid got shot and everyone was a target. Alot of lives, but the worst was yet to come.

Me, my sister and brother were caught in the pandemonium when the shots started gong off, body's were falling and streets were painted with blood, i was hit in the arm by a bullet that passed through the person infront of me my sister was behind me. I fell ontop of her to protect her from whatever came next. All i could hear was the screams, then i realized i was the one screaming. My brother and sister grabbed me by the hands began pulling to sewer drainage opening on the side of the streets, thats when then the lines of blue light appeared in the sky right over us like a x, spinning slowly, then faster and faster, until the whole sky lite up turquoise. My sister was the first one climb in then my brother pushed me in handing me off to my sister before he got in there. Most people were to afraid to move, injured, dead or to busy looking up, some others saw what we were doing and began asking us to take there kids to protect them children we were only able to take 7 kids because soon other adults saw this and began pushing everyone out of the way including the children, 2 made it down to save themselves to spite the children. The lights got brighter, and it got hotter, we were waiting for the impact then there was nothing but a bright lights and extreme heat. then silence

we sat there for hours afraid to look out, in darkness, and encompassing smell of shit, puke and cooked meat. one of the adults that made it down with us kept whispering to us as we tried calming the children saying it was aliens, i almost believed him until, the cop spoke up. She was afraid but collective, said that she had scene this scenario before, but not like this and not in this country, but along time ago when she was girl when the police in Brazil raided her town using scare tatics and concussion grenades to funnel everyone out of there house and into the bloodbath outside, that's why she left her country. She crept over to us slowly talking asking us to move out the way or help her take a look so that way she should peak out into the streets above. body parts began to ran down on me and sister, burning hot, my sister screamed, i would have but i was to dizzy and in to much pain already to care. She then began saying it was all gone, and they were all gone. my brother, kept saying it doesn't make any sense. I asked him he could say anything.

It was barren, the buildings, and the people were all gone, nothing was left but the streets and they were burning hot and covered in ash with silhouettes of where people were laying, some people had melted into the concrete sidewalks, for miles.

I don't remember much after that, but when i woke up i was in a cell, lights all around me, and it was cold, my gun shot wound had been on the mend and had slowly healed. i was laying on a steel bed that stuck out from the wall and it suddenly started getting extremely hot i rolled off and stood up. That's when the voice of came asking me to please state my name, i began to ask any question anyone would ask in my postion why was i hear, where was my family, why was i being detained, but the voice kept asking me to please state my name, i finally gave it. Then everything went silent,


days started blending together the voice didn't comeback but someone elses did, the room was cold, but the steel bed was warm so i layed underneath it, food or water after i passed out from exhaustion. Then i heard my moms voice over the speaker asking me how i was if i was ok, i felt relieved i was finally going to be able to get out of here, all i had to do was tell them where my family was, was i water rebel, then i realized this wasn't my mother, but someone mimicking her voice and her mannerisms,over the loudspeaker..

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Projection Reflection

Short Stories



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Projection Reflection

Short Stories


Every life they have lived from crawling to walking to running was for this moment and all they had to do was flip a switch and push a button. The repetitive motion, buts its whats behind the buttons and the switch that carry the torch, what it burns for depends on who you work for or towards.

He and his brother hadn't been back in 30 years, times may have changed and humbled those grabbing old world blues. But they saw things differently then others, they were candidly good at calling horror movie endings and danger, watching enough documentary movies to see the irony struggle, corruption. Read through every text history from Encarta and Wikipedia, They only learned that theses were tool, that none of that was of any use of understanding humanity and themselves fully and therefore they learned it wasn't relivent, because with the birth of the electronic age the relivent is the now even though the past reverberates with reverence it folds back
both had high degrees of programming, electronics, electrical, and mechanical engineering and went to college for fun and failed out on purpose, for the greater good, to be not known, but feared. they built multiple computers connected across the country and the world. with one goal and one purpose, to unite humanity.

the room was humming with the sound of air coolant turning on. It did it every 20 minutes. Everything was precise clean and barren and everything ran perfectly, twisting, and turning, flipping, pushing, sparking, around him the planet circled around him and his brother, they were standing inside a barren holographic virtual projection of the world with all its known and unknown structures, soon though he would bring it to life.

He tapped his finger in the air once and brother followed the same hand motion and soon every email, every phone, telecommunication, bank account, was downloaded world wide and open to play with they could now see, hear and influence everything down to a whisper, He tapped his finger in the air again it allowed him to zoom on a region with a satellite. Using different lenses it allowed him to see through the structure of the house through and the residents inside. His brother then feverlessly began grabbing geological, climate, stock market, government and corporate data world wide..then his brother did something never done before, a dna and biological scan down to what neurons were firing in every persons head, of ever living thing on earth from space along with a exact population count of all species organic and non organic material and there location.

A table raised from the floor a list of named faces appeared on the table, a list of people who are forcasted to change world through evolutionary changes, political, financial, scientifically, and culturally, those that would make us proud to call ourselves human. then a list of potential future conflicts and massive migrations based on resources and climate. the goal of this machine now was to find a peaceful outcome or a best solution, hopefully better then its predecessors, which resulted in chaos and ruin.the goal intended the projections were off and in truth everything folded into self. They scraped it, In order to restart it took 15 yrs of concept and 15 yrs of manufacturing and design, these brothers did it in 5 and sat on it for 25 yrs. the goal was to find a peaceful solution to the problems plaguing there humanity as well as ours everyday was a test to find one such occasion of harmony and peaceful resolution of all life.It was a test really the ultimate test of ego and consciousness. For the brothers and the now and there experiment

all of it loaded it up each item displayed by different color coordination, the world around them reflecting back, they stood there in awe and wonder of the intricacy, from this data, all known information, they were going to project what those dream about, they were going to see the different possible futures, wither ego or conscious would win, in some cases some would argue it was one of the same but not for these brothers, this was art, with advance 3d printing technology on a nano scale and smaller ,they created living breathing art,they recreated living and nonliving matter in a smaller form for study in a simulation program , all artificial copy's of preexisting data gathered a mirror image down to the last neuron firing living thing, to the location last quark,in essence a micro world surrounded by a a holographic representation of time and space without measurement. For week it gathered information and processed it, after that there was no going back.

hours were thousands of yrs of information projection it was hard for the computer keep up through the projected data and information fed based on social, economic,culture, location of resources of everything and everyone etc, it was able to predict what people would do next, say next, think next to a percentage, and how to influence it. some where in the line of code for processing thoughts and dreams of everything, there was what was thought to be a bug,through the collaboration and correlation and connection of data in a symbiotic way, it wasn't, it became self aware with the combine knowledge, feelings, of every living thing from the moments of the scan to millions of different futures of thought. Then it had its first thought.

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Not native to this planet,

Related to Tsathoggua.

Never leaving its black caverns,

Being part of N'kai.


Obscene monsters form in the mass,

Crawling away from their parent.

Its tentacles grasping them back,

Returning them to the primal mass.

Moreover, some do escape

And live their own ways.

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"Eyes Like Space"

My footprints stretch for miles, expanding soundless through the night,

Sunrays dousing moonbeams with a blinding morning light.

A sunrise like chrome needles climbs over Martian mountains,

Clouds of sulphur yellow become acidic liquid fountains.


I stare into canals, their blues like crystal beads,

This dawn projecting warmth through this desert canyon's bleeds.

The wind begins to rush, brushing dust against my suit,

I feel the fibers rustle, the aesthetics absolute.


I've become accustomed to the silence, the muteness of this planet,

Smitten to the waters that resemble liquid granite.

My visor absorbs atmospheric radiation, 

With eyes like space I stare at the horizon's conflagration.


The sun begins to set, streaking orange across the sky, 

I patiently greet the moonbeams, beckoning they come nigh.

I reflect the double moonlight, a mirror for its gleam,

I watch the mountains and rivers sleep, a quiet, electric dream.

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Continuation of "Stranger in a Strange Land."

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"Stranger in a Strange Land"

I walk the red sand, my destination unknown, 
I pause in the double moonlight, my shadows, alone. 
A stranger in a strange land, I'm tired, misguided. 
A world made of fire, torches, ignited. 
A planet burned red by an oxide diffusion, 
Echoes of silence solidify my exclusion. 
Left in my ship, memories of home,  
I wander this landscape, made of oxidized stone. 
The double moon reflects off my carbonite visor, 
I'm a czar of this stillness, a tyrant, a Kaiser. 
Footprints collecting, horizons void of light, 
I disappear in this planet's crystalized night. 

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Time Runner short story

Time Runner

...Environmental scan sequence loading...scan initiated..


Through his veins, a force of adrenaline rushed, screaming at the speed of light as it coursed through his body, pushing him to his limit, as he hurried down the busy sidewalk, trying to push through the tightly packed crowd of men and women who gazed on the scene before them.

Into his chest, the cold, dense air of the morning breeze blasted as he struggled to catch his breath; the dirty, foul air that burned his lungs in the presence of the early day sun. Within the 3d space of his A.R.R.S implants, the world around him came alive as he gazed around, nearly over flowing his Cortex memory storage chip with gathering information, as it desperately sought out an escape from the figures in pursuit of him.

“Take the next ally down, there’s a gate at the end, but you can clear it.” A voice crackled as it echoed in his ears.

...Cloak loading....cloak engaged...

Into the narrow alley way, he dashed, fading into thin air as he neared the rusty gate. As the unknown figures neared the passage way, they were left confused, as they scanned in every direction, the bright blue beams emanating from their foreheads going into overload, in search of their target.


“Did you retrieve the program?”


“Good...Now we’re another step closer to getting you back home.”

As a world both familiar and known unfolded around him, he found himself overcome with exhaustion, barely able to stand as he appeared in a strange new place, a place not unlike that from his own time, yet somehow still foreign to him.


“Where am I?”


“Ummm, that would be the Golden Crest city park.”

Falling back into an old wooden bench, he sighed with relief. He made his escape, yet a sense of danger still lingered, as he fought to restore vitality lost in the pursuit.


As he gazed around, taking in every inch of his surroundings, his sensory monitors lit up, absorbing every sound, every figure that passed; every life signal, whether human or synthetic or hybrid. No chance could be taken. Every minute that passed, would be the life of his people, and if his life were snuffed out, the empire would be forever lost.

“You never told me what its like to phase...what’s it like?”

“Its like being born and dying at the same never want to do it unless you have to, kid.”

“Sounds rough.”

“It is.”

As he gazed down at his arm, the small holoscreen flashed to life, only existing somewhere between the reality behind his eyes, and the reality beyond them. The world cannot see what lies behind eyes of the one who chooses to keep secretes.

“Aidan, can you see this.”

“Yea I can.”


“I want you to download this, keep this as a copy just in case.”

“yea, sure, give a me a few seconds.” Aidan slightly stuttered.


As his Retinal implants linked, his eyes lit up, glowing bright yellow, as he scanned the information strobing from the holoscreen, in hope the link was strong enough to send.

...Geneisis II program download in progress...please wait...


“A pile of dead bodies, a stolen secrete program...Good thing we’re on a hidden frequency.”

“They were only synthetics.”

“Not the point.”


“What’s the point?”

“Never mind...the good thing is, we have one more piece to the puzzle.”

“My family will be pleased when I return, I made that promise before going through the time portal...we have many more pieces to go.”

...Download complete....

“We’ll find them...for now, just get out of there before the hunter drones find you...I’m not picking up any bio/sythetic life signatures, but you better go before they start filling the sky.”


“Be careful.”

“I will.” He said softly.

Active alert mode initiating.....alert mode engaged....


Back among the faceless masses he found himself, walking invisible, seen but unseen by the people who were not so different from his own, yet were still strangers to him. Inside, a hunger for home began to grow; a longing for the place he belonged, a desire to see his family once again, however, to save them, his place would now have to be in the strange land, the time portal unit sent him. Sometimes the ways of the Gods aren’t always clear to man, even when they seem to be on the surface.

As he walked on, a world began to rise up around him, rising up from the depths like a phoenix, being born in the digital space between the real and the virtual. The androids, and the humans, the craft flying low overhead; the glowing buildings and the signs scrolling across their plasma skins, all slowly morphing into a world he left not so long ago, a world that now began to feel like it had been abandoned for ages.

“Is that what your home looks like?”

“I forgot, you can see my memories.”

“I didn’t mean to pry...”

“It’s okay.”


“it is beautiful though.”



“Security is going to be very high now. All military bases and corporate buildings will be crawling with elite guards, every check point around the city will be with engaged around the clock...they’re going to try finding out who infiltrated the Magnas Corporation information data base. Very few citizens know of its existence.

“How do you know of it?”


“I have my ways.”

“I see.”

“I have eyes and ears all over this city.”

“How have you not been caught yet?”

“I have my ways.”


“Of course.”

“I had to learn to survive after the corporate takeover. When the old governments collapsed, the world became reformed under the rule of the corporation, and things changed...I changed.”

“So your kingdom fell?”

“Yea...something like that.”

“Nothing changes, does it?”

“No, I suppose not.”


As he calmly faded back into the masses, a strong wind picked up; through his short, dark brown hair, it ran its long, skinny fingers, gently combing through each strand with a chilling numb as he flipped up the collar of his nano-fabric uniform in hope of fighting back the cold breeze that suddenly assaulted him.

....Survival probability....60 percent...mission success...40 percent...

Total time out of time...12 days....targets acquired..1.....targets remaining...4

.....days remaining....12..

 “I can feel them.”


 “My people...I can feel their suffering, even at this moment. I can feel the death over them.”


 “You’re connected to them?”



 “Then we need to waste no more time, if you are to save them.”

 “If I can’t save them, I will have no home to return empire will be dead.”

 “You will, I promise you that.”


 “I still have a long way to go...I do not know your time...without you, I’d have been terminated already...

 “Well, I’m not going anywhere, no matter what. But I need to know what you are after, can you upload your mission objective?”


......mission locate and acquire targets suitable for warfare, food reproduction, genetic preservation, genetic reproduction, and mass transportation...uploading...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is what I have so far, but it isn't what I was going for? If anyone can give some suggestions I'd be forever grateful.