The most Ancient Gods,

Prototypes of all the Gods,

Worshiped before humanity;

And all came from one source.


The source is called Mlandoth,

All Gods are manifestations of Him.

Ngyr-Khorath, the mad and monstrous thing

Whom haunts this region of space

Before the solar system was formed,

Is a local eddy of Mlandoth's Race.


Yidhra, who was born with the life of Earth

Intertwining with all Earthly life-forms,

Teaches reverence for Mlandoth.

Before death was born, She was born;

For untold ages there was life without death,

Life without birth, life unchanging.

But at last death came; birth came;

Life became mortal and mutable,

And thereafter fathers died,

Sons were born, and never the same.


The slime became the worm

And the worm the serpent,

The serpent the yeti of the mountains

And the yeti became man.


Only She escaped death,

Escaped birth.

But She could not escape change,

For all things will change;

The trees of the North must shed their leaves.

She learned to devour the mortal creatures;

From their seed to change Herself,

And to be as all mortal things,

Living forever without birth, without death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the Cthulhu Mythos Goddess Yidhra.

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I love this, the mythology,

I love this, the mythology, the images, the picture added to the post. It reminds me of Lilith. It is said where Yidhra walks everything dies; yet she so inspires life in you as you write about her. Indeed it is a haunting poem, but within it there is potential for all things beautiful. Great stuff.

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Thank you for your awesome comment! I am glad some people are still reading my poems. Thank you for loving it. Yidhra is Lilith and Yidhra is so much more, and to me She is life for everywhere she steps is beauty. To me She is like an innocent child. A flower. A gem. She is the most beautiful thing I've ever knew. She is wonderful. She is my friend.