Let no one know what I have said.

The deepest and darkest secrets I shed.

 Like tears they fall from my lips.

Darkening our friendship like an emotional eclipse.

Can I trust you to keep them?

To hold them close like a precious gem?

Or will they tumble like locks of hair?

Making you capable of things my heart cannot bare.

The secrets we shared in the dark of night.

Sewed our destinies together like a string drawn tight.

I have held your secrets near my heart.

I fear i might just spill them before you start.

For fear of your betryal I know I have wept,

Because I know one of our secrets shall not be kept.

I cannot erase the fears that cloud my head.

Because, "Two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead."

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before i was born i had marched a 100 times
can you see me here
marching into this abyss of you
with words about something less important than you
behind my boasts see a mirror

behind my victories i see your defeat 
i help most by doing nothing at all
and while you see me doing nothing for you i am doing everything

i dream of your dreams when you arent looking
and i unlock your cell bars 
without ever seeing them with a whim
with a will 
with a boast and a sneer with a smile 
their old soldier 
is a sorrow to fear

on this page criss crossed words ramble
for and against all
in my other idenity
chock full of their vote to support
this whole crew one and all
and i watch as a soldier 
who was good at his job
you think hate you think death
what they give us
this mob

i was vengance i was wrath
i was soldier most clear
this be their love
their support

only yourselves to fear
in my house on my suits
3 feet away a whole life
was the clinkgy
sting iccky
smeel rebellion
and strife
in theri distracts preceincts 
fingerprints behind boast
of the town just a smolder

one day i was living slice of life
god of war
trade loss ration
99:1 maybe more
the 99 percent of the deals 
never paid
100 percent of those deals 
carried out in the trade
at teh table i sat and one thing made bye
for a million dollars
scum to force me to lie
show your face and your faith
you hold money most dear
find another jinn
to make dreams seen most clear

i was off never thought
of the net that i lost
was the gross you see
that mattered most of all

i am crumb on lapel of each button you wear
the one wholl walk out when i hear its not fair
and return with a weapon for you to use fresh
lost it again
again again

now tellme whats next
retreated t lab
ripple worlds with a thought
steal old money new me
shiny tools i have brought
i have wrought
i cooked up when you saw me there not

im a devil little whips 5th every day who forgot
analyze only each weakness each folly each day
what i did as a boy like
good boys knelt to pray

iw as raised for one purpose to fight a good war
wya i love way i work 
even the way i snore

i only speak in battle clangs and peers into your soul

this brave new world without translator
science no more
stuck in place 
i don't know
among people i cant see
i am blind zatoichi

no bragging just me
with this tongue ive not used my whole
life for the peace
i tear up every day that we speak its so neat
friends and lover or wife
each word was a vow
broken many then less til i was black
like a drow
and the more and more evil the clearer to me
sheer power to be found
pure truth set me free
only then did i join legal workforce in town
already 222 yet i been around
homeless 18 i was out on the street
wouldn't lie beg or cheat 
ask favor so neat
sat each day on the street 
silently several days more
no shelter no people
no sleeping or snore

then i went out into your world as just me
had no job but the world that i wanted
was free
i gave all your dark hearts and powers
their dreams
and the world i wanted 
always what it seemd
small reign in small place in small spaces
i took
just a shadow no more
or less than
i look but inside my touches behind my eyes
there was no such thing as sink 
low alibis
dream chaos dark murder bank roobing or more
dream raving blade orgies
ill brang not vampires but more
my kin those i made myself into your dreams
melted back to reality
undone at the seams
last one i freed to be whatever they wish
roamed your city streets bringing sweet deaths kiss
didnt know or tell 
but i am just fire
your dreams intent will
alone ill inspire
relentlessly always
i am power galore
but cant snap my fingers
and lights
thats why i want more

once owned once again free to say what i wish
im so close im so close
then free as i wish
with my words worlds melt or regrow as they must

i am nothing and noone
and the Word all i trust
every god that you have and philsoophers stone
had and lost gave away
fuck houses hats and a throne

im so close im so close
to what i call free
to be owned by anyone anything
and not be
not be me or you you
just an ear to your phone

once again will to power
means nothign alone

i was the thing 
that not only cant be
noone but animals 
and science
knew the whole me
bits and pieces through time
and the parts to my life
deepest kiss black fist
employer of nife
locked away 

for forever
had to hone more my craft
one day alone so alone
floating in raft

these words soem like these but incredibly fast
the closest i come 
to what i must call m,ath
you say words but they arent yet alive

yet free 
they say many much things
but one day a new day
when yoru words just your words
will make reality melt
and the thingsd that you say must be seen heard felt
when that day that day comes
your government fears
its not you they arm for
look at your kin fears
and their guns and their thoughts

and remember im black

take your fight with your hearts 
and turn it back
now within
your own family your own friends
and remember my skin

guantanamo war and the drone attack

the only pain ive ever had
in life

cause im black

while i work saw me workin
to get a fine place

all i ask is fight more fuck 1 percent
kulluminati race

killuminati doesnt mean
fight or focus on Man
it means fight deep within so you CAN understand
there's no power above all 
no powers but you

give them power
talk bout them and your power's


just curiosu to see if babble faster than rhyme
and it was and it was and it would save me time

but my ramble and babble and narcissim see

means i speak without fear
i know no method above
to verify knwo tha 

theres truth in my flow
and no effort to sway to caress
or to glow
or to shien or to burn
burn it down liek a match
im no rapper no seeker
of money or snatch

i crave true power
to serve no heaven or bird
or person place thing or 


how absurd

i serve you one and all i have ears 
they do work

i serve word and if single

ill also serve


(and yes, you say her name wrong dammit)

bjork rhymes with WORK not PORK

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just wanted to practise a different typing style

Her Poetry

Her Poetry

It's everything she’s ever done

It's every time she cried,

It's all the days she laughed out loud

It's the dreams she kept inside.


It’s silent screams on paper

It's the inner voice she cannot hide,

It's the beauty of the sunset

It's the lies that lovers lied.


It's the beating of a broken heart

It's a love that never died,

It's the birth of all her children

It's her tears that never dried.


It's all her dancing demons

It's the angels standing by her side,

It's the breathing of her very soul

It's when her heart and pen collide.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im not really sure where this came from. But I feel like someone can relate, somewhere.

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As the day approaches
decorations of red
secrets I hold in my
these things cannot be

copyright by heather burns

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Peaceful descendants to madness


      Here i am walking in this darkness,

looking for someone else who dosen't look right through me,

with all these voices in my head,

can anyone tell me why im just so alone,

I remeber when you use to say i could be anyway

now i can't even find you in this dark cold world 

Lost and confused i wonder in this place scream just 

to find my savoiours grace. 

      As i walk what seems to be an eternity i think i see

your face. when i got closer its nothing but a mirror and all

i see is this face, i dont even reconize this face anymore. This face is nothing 

to me i see a horrid person of no remorse of no life or pain.

All i see in this mirrior is me. 

   This descendant into madness is killing me. You use to make my

nightmares go away you used  to say its ok youits not your fault that you can't stay.

now i cant find my way around up, down, left, right, they all look the same to me.

In this darkness descending down too far to tell my way around scream help me

help my sole help this friglechild befor she falls.

      All these voices in my head all this pain and too much dread.

can one little girl take this pain can one little girl keep secret.

So much pain no father to hold her one man alone can ease her pain

screaming so loud her ears start to bleed. Hands on her face with gental grace

a voice so sweet saying its ok im hear please do you fear your never alone in this space

Een when darkness grabs yor heart im hear till your days grow short and our lives are no longer

Bright green eyes open to meet bright blue ones  a kiss to the nose tears fall quietly.

arms wrap her body and peace befalls her every whim. 

Darkness no longer holds her secrets but shes still in a descendant into madness.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you like it guys <3 Tongue Out

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A Tear Against the Facade

Over these lines on pages
I see a heart slowly breaking
And all that runs through my head
Is “Please...let me help you get ahead”

Watching your misery through pen
Bleeding through ink and not in red
The havoc that is taking
I wish I could chase away

Only able to watch the pain
Like a shooting star streaking through rain
My body seeping up the remnants it feels through the stresses

If only I could call your names
If I could just ease the darkness that quakes
And whisper sweet nothings in its face...
If only you knew that the breaks in the lines were my heart beats
To encourage you to keep breathing

With every dagger that strikes
So too does my love burn bright
This hidden desire to be a weapon
To help you defend and remember

But here I watch on and pray
Keeping these secret hopes locked away
And suppress the cries to strip that which keeps you majestic...

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Questions after

Did you get to mine yet
Was your life ever the same
It’s the one with black roses
Did you cry through the pain
Can you still see my face
Do I haunt your dreams
Was I dressed in lace
Did I ever complain?

Why were you late
Was it ever real
Was this my fate
Did you ever tell
It’s under the willow
Was anyone there
Will I be forgotten
Did anyone care?

I never got to graduate
Or go on my first date
Why don’t I get a wedding
Why couldn’t this wait
How could this happen
Why weren’t you there
I’m under the willow
Next to the Iron Gate

My Mr. Darcy

Quietly, he kept all night
So that none could find
His eyes which often drifted
Toward my corner of the room

I took him as arrogant in youth
His mannerisms which disgusted
And his remarks which stung
Left me with a tainted view

Until one day he did send word
Dinner, he asked, would I attend
Curiosity did curb my disdain
And so I sent word that I would

An evening of rhetoric unmatched
Wits set against wits, stubborn
He with his quiet rebuttals
I, finding a louder defense

And when dinner was done
How he took my hand
So that I may not trip myself
But I stumbled over words

It would appear as if we
Two separated by birthright
Should find ourselves matched
In every way imaginable

We reached the door of my home
He kissed my hand then
And sent my heart into a flutter
Not allowing me to release him

Slowly, I ascended the steps
Watching him follow, slowly
He lit the candles all around
I read the poems of my past

A night spent in the dim lighting
Small kisses shared to keep warm
Until finally the red sun rose
And there he was sleeping, quietly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This goes out to my latest love. He is the Mr. Darcy that every girl dreams of marrying, and I've fallen for him just as Lizzy did. Only time will tell how long our love will last.



You hit me up first, damn ain't that a first
I can't tell if it's concern or really just the thirst
Who cares, we're here now, doing whatever works
So what's the worst? Will we just end up hurt?
Or falling in love again, we've wasted precious time making brand new friends
And when we connect through the skin, the touch, the feel
You bring me closer to closure, taking away what's real
I fell asleep at the helm, and woke up next to you
Peering at a smile that could induce a flu
Lovesick, baby, I really wish you knew
That I've been smoking and dranking my way through
To get into something like happiness

Just for one night can you pretend like everything'll be alright?
Or is that to much to ask for? I can't just treat you like the last whore...
You strut around with your new found glory
While my heart beats out my chest leaving the pavement gory
Is this really the end to our story? Or does it just turn out worse?
I guess I'll just say this like I rehearsed

I'm sorry I'm not sorry for all the bullshit
I'm sorry my gun of verbal insults contained a full clip
A nine full of fallacies leaving you mad at me
And it's sad to see that that you're smiling and it's not because of me
Does he know you're here right now?
Does he know bout that lace under your gown?
A relentless hate fuck is going down
Yeah he would clown if he knew how you were prancing around
The tone when you moan, I swear it does something
You go on and on bout how I'm the shit when it's really nothin'
You know I always knew how to get you off, quit all the frontin'
You said you weren't returning, now look who's cummin'

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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