Their bruised ego's are my weapons.

Ruse, ruse, taunt, taunt.

They lash out in anger.

They lash out in fear.

They lash out in pain.

Their bruised ego's are my weapons.

Flailing, flailing.

Failing, failing.

Surely we are better than this !!

They say amongst themselves.

Are we not the authorities?

Are we not the master race?

Ruse ruse.

Taunt, taunt.

Watch them go.

Out of control.
Flailing, flailing


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A Lone Demise


Hollow eyes peering from inward darkness,

past infinity's depths for measure of soul

Constant vile outward on lashing tongue,

all cruelty to wrought its eventual toll


Bitter words in portrayal of loathing self,

spouted envy for one's own odious traits

Fall to come along sordid path in lead,

transgressions guide to where misfortune waits


Lies stolid heart impaled upon a thorn,

sting of barb coursing through callous veins

With will in forfeit to  iniquity's  keep,

the appalling scowl of bleakness reigns


Evil resides upon each drawing breath;

a petty life existing on the wicked air

Faults and blame knocking on another's door,

their misery sought is your blood and heir



In wroth you wallowed from a smug filled jar;

foul venom gorged till it began to spew

Now all defiled to find final just,

turn you bout to face earned grievance due


Colored your world in the shade of shame,

shallow deeds aligning its inner walls

Your hollow eyes now peer into the dark;

as death swoops in no one hears your calls


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A moment of thought.

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before i was born i had marched a 100 times
can you see me here
marching into this abyss of you
with words about something less important than you
behind my boasts see a mirror

behind my victories i see your defeat 
i help most by doing nothing at all
and while you see me doing nothing for you i am doing everything

i dream of your dreams when you arent looking
and i unlock your cell bars 
without ever seeing them with a whim
with a will 
with a boast and a sneer with a smile 
their old soldier 
is a sorrow to fear

on this page criss crossed words ramble
for and against all
in my other idenity
chock full of their vote to support
this whole crew one and all
and i watch as a soldier 
who was good at his job
you think hate you think death
what they give us
this mob

i was vengance i was wrath
i was soldier most clear
this be their love
their support

only yourselves to fear
in my house on my suits
3 feet away a whole life
was the clinkgy
sting iccky
smeel rebellion
and strife
in theri distracts preceincts 
fingerprints behind boast
of the town just a smolder

one day i was living slice of life
god of war
trade loss ration
99:1 maybe more
the 99 percent of the deals 
never paid
100 percent of those deals 
carried out in the trade
at teh table i sat and one thing made bye
for a million dollars
scum to force me to lie
show your face and your faith
you hold money most dear
find another jinn
to make dreams seen most clear

i was off never thought
of the net that i lost
was the gross you see
that mattered most of all

i am crumb on lapel of each button you wear
the one wholl walk out when i hear its not fair
and return with a weapon for you to use fresh
lost it again
again again

now tellme whats next
retreated t lab
ripple worlds with a thought
steal old money new me
shiny tools i have brought
i have wrought
i cooked up when you saw me there not

im a devil little whips 5th every day who forgot
analyze only each weakness each folly each day
what i did as a boy like
good boys knelt to pray

iw as raised for one purpose to fight a good war
wya i love way i work 
even the way i snore

i only speak in battle clangs and peers into your soul

this brave new world without translator
science no more
stuck in place 
i don't know
among people i cant see
i am blind zatoichi

no bragging just me
with this tongue ive not used my whole
life for the peace
i tear up every day that we speak its so neat
friends and lover or wife
each word was a vow
broken many then less til i was black
like a drow
and the more and more evil the clearer to me
sheer power to be found
pure truth set me free
only then did i join legal workforce in town
already 222 yet i been around
homeless 18 i was out on the street
wouldn't lie beg or cheat 
ask favor so neat
sat each day on the street 
silently several days more
no shelter no people
no sleeping or snore

then i went out into your world as just me
had no job but the world that i wanted
was free
i gave all your dark hearts and powers
their dreams
and the world i wanted 
always what it seemd
small reign in small place in small spaces
i took
just a shadow no more
or less than
i look but inside my touches behind my eyes
there was no such thing as sink 
low alibis
dream chaos dark murder bank roobing or more
dream raving blade orgies
ill brang not vampires but more
my kin those i made myself into your dreams
melted back to reality
undone at the seams
last one i freed to be whatever they wish
roamed your city streets bringing sweet deaths kiss
didnt know or tell 
but i am just fire
your dreams intent will
alone ill inspire
relentlessly always
i am power galore
but cant snap my fingers
and lights
thats why i want more

once owned once again free to say what i wish
im so close im so close
then free as i wish
with my words worlds melt or regrow as they must

i am nothing and noone
and the Word all i trust
every god that you have and philsoophers stone
had and lost gave away
fuck houses hats and a throne

im so close im so close
to what i call free
to be owned by anyone anything
and not be
not be me or you you
just an ear to your phone

once again will to power
means nothign alone

i was the thing 
that not only cant be
noone but animals 
and science
knew the whole me
bits and pieces through time
and the parts to my life
deepest kiss black fist
employer of nife
locked away 

for forever
had to hone more my craft
one day alone so alone
floating in raft

these words soem like these but incredibly fast
the closest i come 
to what i must call m,ath
you say words but they arent yet alive

yet free 
they say many much things
but one day a new day
when yoru words just your words
will make reality melt
and the thingsd that you say must be seen heard felt
when that day that day comes
your government fears
its not you they arm for
look at your kin fears
and their guns and their thoughts

and remember im black

take your fight with your hearts 
and turn it back
now within
your own family your own friends
and remember my skin

guantanamo war and the drone attack

the only pain ive ever had
in life

cause im black

while i work saw me workin
to get a fine place

all i ask is fight more fuck 1 percent
kulluminati race

killuminati doesnt mean
fight or focus on Man
it means fight deep within so you CAN understand
there's no power above all 
no powers but you

give them power
talk bout them and your power's


just curiosu to see if babble faster than rhyme
and it was and it was and it would save me time

but my ramble and babble and narcissim see

means i speak without fear
i know no method above
to verify knwo tha 

theres truth in my flow
and no effort to sway to caress
or to glow
or to shien or to burn
burn it down liek a match
im no rapper no seeker
of money or snatch

i crave true power
to serve no heaven or bird
or person place thing or 


how absurd

i serve you one and all i have ears 
they do work

i serve word and if single

ill also serve


(and yes, you say her name wrong dammit)

bjork rhymes with WORK not PORK

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just wanted to practise a different typing style

The arrogent woman

Was she always arrogant towards men
or is this a nightmare i'm stuck in
and why is she not arrogant towards me

Last night she blossomed in front of me
exposing her love seductively to me
I was immediately enamored
and grabbed her tightly feeling the warmth of her heart close to mine
something i had not felt in years

And still I wonder
why shes so arrogant towards men
but not towards me

She was the most emotional woman
I had ever met in my life
she helped me express my love
like how birds sing to their lovers

And still I wonder
why shes so arrogant towards men
but not towards Me

I touched her silky dark hair with my bare hands
that ached to touch a beautiful woman
but never got the chance until now

I swept away her bangs to reveal a skin so fair
so perfect it was as if an artist had created her
I kissed her gorgeous lips which tasted like rich chocolate
and i succumbed to the pleasure
i held her tightly the entire night

And still I wonder
why shes so arrogant towards men
but not towards me

In the morning as the sun shown over our bed
she revealed why she is arrogant to other men but not me
My eyes started to water as i listened to her explain

she can not be arrogant to someone like me because I lived most of my life
with a broken heart without hope or meaning to my life

she is arrogant towards every other man
because a man broke her sisters heart
and her sister could not bear it
so she killed herself


A symphony of a perfect machine
I think and dream
I conquered nature and mastered my destiny
My arrogance stood tall
I put a question mark on my Creator
But I forgot . . . . .

How a particle of food
Descending down the oesophagus
Seized by the swirling molten acid
In the body of stomach,
Provides nourishment
How the nutrients break down amidst the
Thunder of enzymes and catalysts
Move in the broad estuary
Of veins, slow, flow
Under the rapture of the beating heart
Purified far from the roar
In the abyss’ of bronchioles

And below, far from
The surface agitation

How this particle sustains life
. . . . .

As decades pass, in time unpredictable
When, the grand orchestra of organs
Plays incoherent
The nutrient fails

Now safe, in the asylum
Of a demented mind
Where no loved ones come
I remember . . ..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My take on our arrogance and how easily we forget how fragile we are. There are quite a few medical terms but can be understood as the poem flows. Bronchioles are divisions of the airways and I used purification instead of oxygenation. Please do leave constructive feed back. Thank you

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Ant or Man


Endless conversations

Circle my content head

Filled with yelling and whispers

About something that must be said

Because we live to hear

About stories that must be told

And as happy as we get

Somebody’s dignity has been sold


How great it is to feel

Like we’re intelligent enough

To not live such a life so real

We feel we live up in the clouds

And we look down with such disgust

How we love to watch these little ants

Who can act so different from us

Lets shine our magnifying glasses

Make them burn in their shame

That makes them so different from others

Which in turn makes us all the same

But I don’t know where I fall into

If I’m an ant or a man

And my stomach feels like shit 

Thinking that I should give a damn


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