I Wish You Would Wish

If I could have one wish,
You'd think I'd say "I wish you were here."
But It's not, because even if you were here it wouldn't take away the fear.
Even if you were standing right here next to me, I couldn't possibly tell you what I want us to be.
I just can't say how I truly feel,
Because the risk of rejection just makes life seem so unreal.

It leaves me light headed, palms sweating, what should I say?
These thoughts become embeded.
So ya, That's why I don't wish you were here.
If anything, I wish you could see me as more than what I am,
Feel how I feel, but damn...
...If I could have just one wish,
I wish YOU wish you were here...

Because if I knew you wished you were here,
I would have no fear.

-The Coward

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You're dirty little Secret

I'd like to say to myself That I don't care about you ,
I'd be lien to myself If I said it didn't hurt me inside to seen you tonight with him
but Soon girl soon everyone will know you're dirty little secret .
But I was to blame
we all slip
let our emotions
Get the better of us soon or later like Russian roulette spin the barrel pull the trigger
you will get hit
With words of hate
eyes staring of discust
and years of regret .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bout a girl ..

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Flaming Memories

Replace my cool soft pillow
With the warmth of your solid chest.
Fill the overwhelming silence that consumes my ears
With the rythm of you heart.
Wrap my body in your strong yet gentle embrace.
Nothing but sweat seperates our beings.
Even the most skillful DNA Analyst would have difficulty
Seperating our particals.
The release of your breath
Becoming the inhale of mine
Welcoming each one
As if the very being of my existence depended on you.
Body motion in unison to the beat building within like a crescendo
Climaxing with symbols crashing
Fire still blazing
Flames growing inwardly.
Fan towards the leak
And we both will explode.
Won't be consumed by the fire
Body activated extinguishers release once the temperature is just right
Saturation suffocates the inferno
Putting it out with ease.
Not a flame left in sight.
Only evidence is steam arising from moist hot flesh.
No words are spoken.
There are none to be said.
The memory should live
Only inside our heads,
The only reminder that will remain
Is in the moment our eyes meet
And our minds dance again
To a silent beat.

The truth of mens dream

The three B's every mans dream
No strings attached its just process of getting the snatch
What a man wouldnt do to reverse the blue ball blues
Buy dinner and a rose 
Anything and everything but propose
Surely a movie and popcorn can seal the deal
Maybe shes to blonde to see whats real
For its whats in the pants i seek thats all
Not spending weekends at the mall
If it cost me a few pennies its worth the wait
Hook line and sinker ive set my bait
Beer boobs and booty is what i need
Dam wheres my condom to stop my seed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is not directed at blondes it is directed at myself for being lonely after the death of my true soul
Mate i was in search of something that wasnt real! In search of feelings that was buried but not forgotten! I know now what i lost but never forgotten and i realize now that just because words are spoken doesnt mean that is what is real

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I Am Your Razor

Emotional Poems

You bolt into the bathroom
To slash your wrist
You search for me
I can't be missed

Tears fall
You stand
I brush your skin
I take you to a land so fine, yet dangerous

Silver blade that twinkles so bright
Scarlet blood that feels so right

I will save you
I will destroy you
I will love killing you
I will give you life

But it is all up to you
To throw me one the ground
And walk away

There clearly is a better way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem isn't quite finished yet, it still needs to be edited

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A Day of My Fate, Which Is Hate...

Emotional Poems

"Emo," they call me
I respond to my "name"
They laugh at me
I hang my head in shame

I walk down the hallways
I do things my way
They say, "hey, emo! You can't stay!"
I pick up my notebook and walk away
I'll stand up for myself
Just not today...

I don't fit in
People stare at me, like I am a sin
I won't fight back
My world is already black

I want to run away
I want to escape
I want to hide away
I don't want my fate

I wish it was too late
I never even got a chance
To change this hate

Little secret

Little secret

staring at him is like looking at a picture
attentive to every single detail
The texture of his hair 
And the softness of his skin 
And his Luscious pink lips 
It makes my body so tense
No emotions can be revealed
So we keep our feelings in the air
Disappearing into our hearts
A little secret underneath all the jokes and laughter
We both got the same thing to lose
So its hard for anything to progress
I just need one shot at some action
And it's on from there
Been wanting him for so long
Now I've finally got the chance 
It'll be our little secret 
A story for just us two

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Spider Web of Lies

What defines a lie?
Some say not telling the truth
If that were the case i could say nothing but be lieing to the world
Then they say keeping the truth is a lie
So what are secrets?
Are they all lies?
And what about surprises?
If you don't tell someone where your taking them or what you're getting them....Is that a lie?
If so then hasn't everyone lied?
And what does that make parents?
Parents tell you to never lie
Yet how do they explain Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny?
They lied to us all when we were kids.
We believed them until we were old enough to know better.
If all of this defines a lie then our world is one messed up place.
Our world is caught in a spiderweb of lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was sick of lies. Tell me what ya'll think think of it.

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Forbidden Kiss

Haiku Pieces

Went against my mum;
I went out to go see him,
Just to kiss his lips...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I kept my relationship with my ex a secret by going out to see him when my mom was at work every week before we ended for the better.

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