Your color is glowing pink

Your color glows in pink

Like an innocent bride

Walking down the aisle

Holding her father's hand

Your aura is divine


As I take sip of you

You moisten my throat

Quenches my thirst

Of a million years before


You love me so

You set me free

From this world so cruel

While still within me


You kill my sorrows

You kill my pain

You devour my feelings

As if they were your own


I climb the walls

I walk the mile

Sours on my skin

Still in search for you


I feel so worthless

Empty and lost

Every time you leave me

Here on my own


You make me supreme

Left without any needs

You make me a hero

While still within me


No need for happiness

I feel no sadness

Enigmatic feelings

Sufficed without a touch


Core of the problem

Of humans in this world

Conflicts and wars

Control is that they need


Yet the blame is often on you

Knowing that every individual

Is dying a simmering death

Well within their intellect



Nick Kler

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I live my life behind my shadows

My past haunts me still


I breathe every breath in commotion

high on a strange kinda thrill


She numb my mind with her glory

upon my skin she tells a story


As she leaves, I'm scared to move alone

I curl back up into a dark deceptive room


I try to find her and I finally get her

Oh! she takes me to the clouds of light


She holds me so softy on the inside

As she takes me out of this world


I know it is a sin, it's just too wrong

But my love for her keep getting strong


Without her I feel so naked and blind

She is the one that gets me through this life


Nick Kler

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More Of You

I try to be patient
Acting like it
Doesn’t hurt me
Doesn’t confuse me
Like it doesn’t
Make me
You’re hectic life keeps you out of my arms
So I wait for the words
To soothe my aching loneliness
But they rarely come
At times they seem as empty
As the other side of this bed
My secrets fill the void you leave
But it
I need your kiss to please me
Your voice to appease me
Your touch to seize me
I need you to give me
All the things that remind me
Why I said yes
Why I said ok
And plan on packing my things
And coming your way
To stay
Until the day
That I can’t take the loneliness
Because I need more of you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To him....because I need him, more.

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When the
of life
begin to

Time has
a way
of letting
it's secrets

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everything done in the dark will come to light.

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Secrets Of The Wind


The willow tree droops low,

the horizon in the distance.

The playground untouched,

fall leaves building up.

As I sit there alone in the park,

I listen to the wind.

It speaks to me,

it tells me stories.

These stories hold great secrets.

The wind holds the stories;

carrying them thousands of miles.

My ears capture these stories.

Every whistle in the wind,

every sudden gust of wind,

every moment of still, silent air sends a message.

I observe closely,

Not wanting to miss important details.

Everyday, the wind carries a new story;

holding new secrets,

Secrets so powerful,

they could drive one insane.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/13/10.

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I am a thought meant for someone
Yet, It’s always someone else thinking of me


Reflection in a mirror gives me existence
It is my destiny to reflect within someone


I am a dream meant for someone
Yet It's always someone else dreaming of me


A few words is all it takes, when described me well
Spots of black I am, on a paper so white


I am a thought

meant to reflect in some one
Yet, it's always some one else

That feels gifted to reflect with me

There are some that are destined for me
Yet, some get so lost in search of me


I am a thought;

I can only exist for a moment or two
I can become a part of history

If some one decides to carve into me


I am a thought destined for someone
Yet it’s always someone else thinking of me

I am a thought, just a thought


Nick Kler

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I Hitler...

Lizard Chronicles

I am the genesis of revelations, no exodus to what i say.
bird of prey flying low searching for a santuary-
while the piper leaves his castle...

I can't hide anymore, the man has entered my home.
like the banshee i wail but i know no one will come
to my rescue...

I must prevail, through the mist of confusion i will
ignite, becoming the fusion that'll forever burn.
Learn once and don't repeat.

Playing the fiddle i go, attracting young minds into
a harangue which will never cease. And when they think
i'm almost done, thats when i've commence.

My psalms aren't to glorify but to testify the end is near.
those that hear me shall fear me. I am the iron curtain
covering your ideas and thoughts.

A communist to spoken words. I Hitler of poetry stand
alone. Army of one against the world, soon they'll come
looking for the ONE that took their dreams away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

what i say goes...i hitler.

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