moments in time

loves hate for what youve done
You Made me feel like a fool in love
How can you sit there and ask me to
Smile and be happy with just that
When your across the room kissing
Someone else

Youve turned my feelings of joy into
a living nightmare a day to day struggle
Trying so hard just to get by
With what youve done im damaged goods
Robbed me of my chance to love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

something short but it needed to be told

Fearful Thoughts

Thoughts have plagued my mind
I think about it all the time
What will happen if we get caught?
This thought always leaves me distraught

Rumors will spread and they'll spread fast
Once one knows the secret won't last

The fall of us will set off a chain reaction
I pray that this will not happen.

So much is at stake
There is no risk i'm willing to take
My friends all know but they won't tell
I know this cause i know them well

It's him that i'm worried about
If he tells... who knows what will come out
I hope he knows who he can trust
Cause keeping this secret is a must!

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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For CB

Beauty, grace, charm, intelligence
They fit you well
But I never knew anything about you
I never knew you at all
CB, my goddess worshipped from afar
Always a goddess, nothing more.

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A Vista Stella ( a silent star )

A silent chord of summer's passing glow,
Upon my face it rests its beaming light,
Yet still so many secrets I don't know,
Kept hidden in the silent stars of night,
For sure as life must people come to weep,
To cry their worries, their sorrows, their joy,
And trusted dots of burning light do keep,
Their secrets told, old or yong, girl or boy,

Upon your gaze held to the midnight star,
Waiting, wondering, a longing desire,
A twin beating heart has travelled so far,
Looking up to your star they'll noy tire

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any comments ? x

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I am secluded from the earth
Crumbs or granules are of no worth

My nature is that of hermit
For me the lonesome wild is fit

Neither love songs of nightingale
Nor fragrant breeze can make me ail

The inmates of garden I shun
I can't afford their flirtation

Forest winds assail with awful might
They accelerate my ethereal flight

I crave not for the birds of prey
I live in a simple, austere way

I spring, recede and again I spring
In veins warm blood I aim to bring

In East and West the partridges lie
My world is blue and boundless sky

Of the realm of birds I am dervish
For a comfy nest I have no wish

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem entitled "Shaheen" from 'Bal-i-Jibreel' translated by me

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2 for 1 Iced Glazed Hunny Buns

how much i adore
my sweet hunny bun
your sweetness
ever so moves me
eyes so glazy i can see
me smiling at me
your sweet lucious tongue
like a serpants wave painting my tastebuds of tinggle
i couldnt wait to unwrap you
rrrrrrrrrr inner thoughts
and smother you with my own
in the heated sun your the one who completes my hunger
of love
and without you i'd be lost
in a big world of choices and greed
of lust and desire
where am i to fit in that
my love must you never let go
of my twitching hand
my sweet hunny bun

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Secrets Are No Fun.



I walk like I'm conscious

of myself

I'm only conscious 

of yourself

I guess everything is about you


I talk like I'm conscious

of nothing

But I'm conscious

of some things

I know all the things to break your heart. 


You see I'm not allowed to tell

But how can you not tell...



The sly look

I notice sideways

See what you don't see

Oh that look

the fear in his eyes

that you don't see


I won't tell you, you're a liar too

Secrets secrets are no fun

secrets secrets hurt someone. 








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this when I found out a friend had cheated on his wife...

and I wasn't supposed to tell. 

But she had so many secrets too, so I didn't feel too bad. 

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All In Love


I know the temptation that sinks in that skin after I close the lights. They sit tucked into the smallest corners until it’s safe to come out again. I feel the way they rampage and the alert way they twitch. Wondering when the brightness will scourge them from the open walls again. How do you keep them from taking that semiconscious doorway for all it’s worth? Every second. Another. Hidden growl. Touch the way it drips from my own eyes. It’s not the tears or the sweat or the blood. It’s the need. Hungry and vicious. If we all keep this at bay, when it looses, when it frees, how do we freeze it? When we taste it, how do we take it back? This craving has a way to not resting. When the light will not be enough to send it hissing, what do we use to beat it down? 

Reason seems limp and lax in perspective with this raw energy. 

What keeps us human?

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Secrets are many things

Held deep within ones soul

Shown only to a trusted few


Secrets can be anything

They can be information

A he said she said thing


Secrets may not be that

They can even be emotions

Locked deep within a heart


Secrets can be used to hurt

Tell someone something

Someone else said of them


Secrets can be very good

They can bring two people close

The secret here was love


Secrets – use them wisely

They are very powerful

Be careful when you get one



Written on

July 2, 2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote then when I was confronted by many secrets. I found out how they should be used.

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