Ways To Attract A Girl Without Saying A Word To Her

Do you see a girl for the first time in your life, and you like her? Or have you been watching her since the first form? You could approach her, start a conversation, and make her laugh, but there is one catch - you are not the most sociable person. It is difficult for you to get out even a few words, so you have to stand aside and sigh while someone else conquers the object of your dreams. Maybe it's time to change things?

Let's start with the basics – non-verbal behavior that does not require direct communication. Right gestures, a long look, or timely help - all this plays a much more important role than you think. There are 7 ways to attract a girl without saying a word to her.

  1. Spectacular appearance

No, there is no need for amateur performance! The costumes of superheroes or a crown on your head are overkill. It's about just looking good, giving the impression of a well-groomed young man. How often do you rub the cream on your shoes, change your shirts, or iron your jeans? Do you think that the weaker sex falls into ecstasy at the sight of unshaven woodcutters or computer trolls that are shiny with grease? Presentable appearance is important. A man should be clean and tidy, wear clothes that emphasize the dignity of his figure, and hide flaws because girls notice everything!

  1. Pleasant smell
    Now try to remember how often do you take a shower? If no force can drag you there, no matter how smart, loyal, and interesting you are – women will run a mile from you. Just because the smell is important, it affects the subconscious attitude of a girl towards you and even creates sexual desire. Observe the fundamentals of hygiene, do not forget about fresh breath and moderate use of perfume.

  2. Correct posture

First of all, a man is support and protection which is difficult to see in the body of a crooked Quasimodo with lowered shoulders. Well, really, look at your reflection: this is how people see you. Is it a hunched young greybeard dying of boredom? Very interesting type; any girl will be hooked on. But seriously, straighten your shoulders, get rid of slouching, and learn to look at the world directly. The more correct your posture is, the more confidence you radiate, energy fills your body, forcing others to treat you with respect.

  1. Admiring glances are a key moment to attract a girl

This stage will make a girl curious if you do everything right. Any woman loves attention, admiring glances, and offers of acquaintance, even if a girl is making an impression that she is blind to the obvious. So join the game! Start looking at a girl you like but do it carefully and with genuine interest. At the same time, you can remain completely serious – such a manner will give your image some mystery. And what could be more curious than a secretive man who is interested in you? However, it is better to catch her watching and smile in return; this behavior will cause a pleasant excitement. And in any case, do not stare at the beauty too cheeky and long. Not only it is indecently, but she also may decide that you are a pervert. This is especially important in Ukrainian women dating.

  1. Shortening the distance

So, you look good, smell nice, and have already stroked her attention. What to do next? Everything is simple – shorten the distance. And we are not talking about how to get a girl into bed but about the first steps towards each other. Try to find a reason to get close to the girl you like; you should not shun her society, on the contrary, be close to her. Move a couple of steps closer than usual, try to be in her sight more often. She should see your best qualities.

  1. Help

There is one old way that will help you to approach a beautiful girl faster – rescue her from a delicate situation, showing your good manners. Protect her from the angry boss, help to carry heavy bags, or deal with some problem she cannot solve. Also, you can hold the door open for the girl, stand her coffee, or give her your jacket if it's cold outside. And all this can be done without words! Believe us, your actions will be more eloquent than any compliments or courtship, so they will surprise the girl and make her more compliant and supportive. Remember, no man will seem ridiculous to a woman if he protects her or lends a helping hand.

  1. Touches

You need to be careful with this non-verbal signal, so as not to frighten a girl. Start small – walk alongside in a crowded room, give her a hand, remove a non-existent speck of dust from her hair, and hug her if the lady is cold or scared. If she does not move aside but even willingly moves closer to you, it means that the tactile barrier is overcome! But do not tremble like jelly, try to behave naturally, be confident, and unconstrained.

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Time and Memories {Revisited}


I dreamed a dream of stars and light

Shining brightly in the night

But then I saw, to my surprise

That they existed in your eyes

I had an illusion of desire

It's scarlet flames were rising higher

And soon after we took flight

You quickly vanished in the night

I gained an insight of your being

Sitting, broken, hopeless-feeling

I sat next to you, contrite

To tell you it was all alright 

I bear a vision, dark and deep

It has me turning in my sleep

Your memories I'll keep and keep

As I sit to sigh and weep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just felt like tweaking it a bit, the first part is still my favorite

Take My Arm

I’m hoping that there never comes a day

We end up forced to go in separate ways

Not long ago, I never would have known
How much you’d mean to me and just how much I’d grow


My heart is on my sleeve, please take my arm

In this cold hard world I’ve never felt so warm

And if in time you feel you have to leave

It’s yours to keep cause being close to you is all it needs


In spite of battles that you’ve had to face
I found peace in you, retained with grace

And it didn’t take me long realize

That home away from home inside your eyes


While what I’ve got to give may not be much
A shoulder, an ear; a gentle touch

I pray that some day you might come to find

A humble hide-away, returned in kind


My heart is on my sleeve, please take my arm

In this cold hard world I’ve never felt so warm

And if in time you feel you have to leave

It’s yours to keep cause being close to you is all it needs


In this day and age

some might say

it’s a projection

of my objective


That can’t be true

cause I never knew

what could be
since you’ve awakened me


My heart is on my sleeve, please take my arm

In this cold hard world I’ve never felt so warm

And if in time you feel you have to leave

It’s yours to keep; it’s yours to keep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I imagine this might be subject to some revision.  I really hope not, though. :)

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Tacos in the Rain



Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo

And heaven knows this devil's too damn young

You shattered through my shell [then] left me here inside a hell

Of some unholy mole swamp hot as the sun


But maybe tacos in the rain will help to put the fire out,

Cause life's still full of lessons left to learn

Yeah, break out the champagne; it's time for tacos in the rain,

I'll toast to you, then watch the world around me burn.


From the start [the] love you gave was a salsa to my soul

[But I] didn't know that there were reapers in the mix

And now you're gone, but there's still desire and in your stead, you left a fire
That a barrel of tequila couldn't fix


Maybe tacos in the rain will help to put the fire out,

I’m not ready to return to dust and ash
Right now hope is all I got (save for some tacos and a shot).

I'll toast to us and wonder why it couldn’t last.


I gave to you my heart; next thing I knew I saw you carve

a molcajete that my tears have since stained and glazed.

To say I’m feeling blue would be an understated truth

Cause “fajita you” is the best I do on darker days


Well even tacos in the rain, they couldn't save me from this pain

How to love again is a lesson time will help me learn

Damn soggy tacos in the rain; still, there ain't no use to complain

Maybe I'll try your sister's tortas out instead

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Makes me think of a place or situation that amounts to the evil twin of “Big Rock Candy Mountain.


It’s about Heartburn or Heartbreak; you decide.

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Safe Inside The Locket

That face is never getting old with time.
It still bring me close and you not afar
From time present. Small morning here dreams alone
And love-gate open, for memory to come home.
All things that make you who you are
Gifts and robs the soul at once:
Those blessings giving, and curses retaining
As they were with you,
They are with me here now.
Even death dust cannot touch the evergreen
Of grandchildren their days not yet seen.

Waiting Part 2

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
How long have I waited for you?
All my life, I've never thought
Of a love like this.
The first day we met,
You came into my life so suddenly
That this love crept up on me.

Little did I know
That this love has me thinking:
"Love is worth living for now
'Cause I have someone to share it with.
Also, someone that understands me
Better than anyone else in the world"
No one but you will do.


Verse 2:
How long have you waited for me
As I quietly wait for you
To make a move and
Just take a chance on us?
Believe on what is real.
Skip the dramatics.
Let's leave the dramatics behind.


I hate to break hearts,
But, I know that
Your eyes speak of our love.
They won't ever lie.
Am I that blind for
Just realizing how
You felt for me all along?

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Beating Heart Part 2

Band Lyrics

Beating Heart Part 2

Verse 1:

I can feel your heartbeat

Whenever you are with me.

Little did I know

That this would be

My first and last love.

You’re everything I need and want.


Even if I fall in love

With somebody else,

You’re my everything.

No one else compares.

It just won’t work out

As much as we love each other.

‘Cause this beating heart

Is your’s to keep.


Verse 2:

I get tired of waiting.

We both met when

We were young.

It felt right.

Everything fell into place.

‘Cause this is our love story.


When I first met you,

I felt like I knew you.

It was so natural

For both of us

To be together.

Don’t let me go

‘Cause this beating heart

Belongs to only you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Forgot who I wrote this for. Written a few months back.

Beating Heart Part 1

Band Lyrics

Beating Heart Part 1

Verse 1:

 With each and every beat of your heart,

I can feel your heartbeat aligned with mine’s.

This beating heart yearns to become

Your’s to keep.

Won’t you take me home tonight?

‘Cause I cannot sleep without you

In my presence.

Hold me tonight,

‘Cause tonight, I’ll be eternally your’s.



I never had a love like this before.

Stop your foolish ways of

Pushing me away.

These walls you’ve built up

And the defenses you put up,

I’ll wait for you forever and a day

Because you are my everything.

I cannot do this without you.

Love without restraints.

Love unconditionally.


Verse 2:

Can you take on my demons?

Tell me, if you could love me.

This beating heart

Aches to embrace you.

Now, our beating hearts

Have become one

With reality and time.

Won’t you take me home?

‘Cause I’m always there for you.



Can’t we try again?

Can’t we love again?

Why must these feelings summon our ending?

Our demise is we feel everything

When it is too late to turn back.

Someday, this beating heart

Will become your’s

Once you realize the errors of your heart.

If only your heart could see me now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote a lot of songs a few months back but don't really post much in case my work gets plagarized or stolen. Will post "Beating Heart Part 2" momentarily.

A Baby Again

I want to be in your arms forever,
Resting my head on your lovely chest
I want to be a baby again
In your warm cuddle and embrace

Author's Notes/Comments: my love.

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