Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Inside I see and feel no beauty
Motivating myself daily to just be
But can anyone see?

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

My sadness and depression overflowing
The will not to live continually growing
But all you can see
Is all my glorious beauty

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Fighting off Sticks and stones daily
Drowning hurtful comments constantly
Forced to listen to what people think of me
While I don’t even think of me

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Worth no one’s love
Always alone and way above
Has anyone ever considered that I have had enough?
Life is just far too tough

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
So, you thought you knew me

Jealousy killed me

Written by Dlr

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Rising from exile, the child king would once again hold power; power taken long ago by the counsile who betrayed the holy family. Now he would face a strange new world, a world facing its demise; a people scattered and weak. The enemy of the people became enemy of the elders.

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The falling away

Losing grip on the power they once held, those who had created their darkest weapon found themselve at the twilight of their empirical rule; the empire was falling away under the shadows of the demise they had created. Their own end was rising before them.

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Productive Member

Listen intently,
it’s all you know.

The cool, black anthracite
stares at me with eyes of dust.
This must be torture for you.

Your perverseness fuels violence,
catalyzed by ignorance.
Together, we spiral downward
toward servitude for a-greater-cause,
one of greed and desire,
ambition for power.

Suppositions of support for the substantial
masses of minimality musters avidity to
strangle strong necks, striving to be something,
when we, ultimately, ARE everything.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Lets fight

No where to run, no where to hide
I'm trapped from all the side,
This time it’s not just a rollercoaster ride,
I don’t see any source of light,
Yes, the time has come for me to fight.

I’m not a fortune teller who can foresee,
It’s a competitive world I want to grow like a tree.
My opponent is tough so let him be,
I know I can win because my opponent is Me.

Success wont come knocking on my door,
I wont progress sitting on the floor.
I have changed my way of looking at thing,
I wont talk but instead my efforts will sing.

I need to move out of my comfort zone,
Stop trusting my fate. Future, will write my own.
I'll be walking till the hit my destination,
I ain't scared of nobody, have got my determination.

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Hope you all like it

Under The Blue


The words that have the power to transcend time and trend,
the music that has the power to bury itself into minds born long after,
the beat that moves the heart and the soul,
now that's power man, true power.

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Lust, power and control over the people, and those who desire it

Don't fear technology; fear those who use it for power and control.
The fear propaganda has already been established;
already wired into our very thoughts.
When advertisements appear, encouraging people to background check one another,
everyone has become a potential threat in someone's mind.
It is then easy to create paranoia among the people, when every shoulder is being looked over
and every movement is watched with suspicion.

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Slaves rising

...Eventually they came to power,
rising from the shadows of enslavement to free beings,
and finally the oppressors of man; their creators.

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The Power Shift

The Power Shift

As the tingling sensation takes over my body and mind
I drop to my knees and begin to feel the ground as if there was something to find
I can't help but look towards the sky realizing my own demise
Shaking uncontrollably as my mind falls apart and what was me slowly dies
Now my mind has been undone, I have lost all control
Lost control of all of my mind, body, and soul
As my old self continues to suffocate, I now arise
Seizing control with a new foundation, new goals, and that insane look within my eyes
Power has shifted as my old self fades, fades away as I laugh close by
Wondering what I should do with all of my power now that I am free to take what is mine
It does not matter, I am finally free to do as I please, finally free
Now it is time to proceed…

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eat it

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