You must learn to influence people


You must learn to leave no stone unturned


You must learn to take decisions for people


You must learn to give hope and substance


You must learn to let others lean on you


You must learn the courage to openly admonish


You must learn to maintain courage in the face of difficulties


You must learn to find and give direction


You must learn to always aspire for greater knowledge


You must learn to love and to share


You must learn to romance with JESUS

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really can’t trace this line of thought, but all I recall is this: it came straight, pure, and pristine!

Absolute power

Before the people he proclaimed absolute power, and a new age of peace and economic growth;
an age of spiritual awakening in which the people would learn of their true beginning and find unity with the over soul, and they shouted his name in unison.

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It doesn't really get better than this
Don’t act like you're not surprised
It's gonna happen sooner or later, baby
You can call me LEADER.

Too fast to live, Too young to die
My body is small but my voice is loud
My age is young but inside is wise

‘Cos I’m hot, always the best
And this number 1 spot
Is my home sweet home

You ain’t in the game
You’re just cheerleaders

Okay be mad at me all you want
But I'm major league
So you just gotta stop hating
And step your game up

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've noticed that a bunch of the poems on here are extremely sad and depressing, so I wrote a self-confidence boost type of poem! :D

Show the world what you've got, guys!

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