Pretty Boy I Want To Call Mine


Every day that goes by

I see myself bigger in my eye

But when I look at yours I know I'm living a lie

You pretty boy I want to call mine

You change my point of view on anything and everything

You even make me feel the impossible

Like I'm flying with my broken wings

You pretty boy I want to call mine

You make me feel special when you look into my eye

?How much longer do I have to wait

?To make a move before it's too late

You pretty boy I want to call mine

I drown in your ocean blue eyes 

And I dream about your red lips, they look so fine

?How many girls have drooled over you

?And how many have held your hands

You pretty boy I want to call mine

Your smile makes my body whine

It brings warmth to my heart

And dirty thoughts to my mind

You make my heart stop

And my body to tingle with flames

You pretty boy I want to call mine

Even when my body is not awake

You find a way to enter my dreams

And all I see is you and me on a date beside the lake

Even when I'm taking an exam

Your name comes acroos my brain several times

You pretty boy I want to call mine

Every time I say I'm over you, you show me it's not yet

And reveal to me an amazing side of yours I haven’t met

Your care freeness and your freeness I envy and love

How you can enjoy and care less about the mess

Everything about you I want, even in your worse

Together I'm sure we can open new doors

You pretty boy I want to call mine

My desperation is getting out of line

 But your dreamy eyes tells me its fine

In my head I'm yours and you are mine

But when reality struck 

I know I have no luck   

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Pretty Hurts


Magazines and T.V. screens

show these girls all day

Pretty little creatures,

who show what we should say.

Who smile in front of the camera

but cry behind closed doors,

forcing themselves into delusion,

Until they can't find "them" anymore...

We raise them to believe only beauty

will determine their worth.

And to try and maintain a facisimile of perfection

Because the world will only see the very worst.

We make them parade around

pretending to be little airheads

"What's in your head doesn't matter,"

we teach our girls to be brain dead

We teach them they need to be thinner

to throw up who they want to be,

No personality is what matters,

Bimbos are what we think are "pretty."

We tell them they have to fix themselves

but you can't fix what is with in.

You must keep down the sadness you feel,

to show an opinion is basically a sin.

You could enter a paegant,

and come on top the winner,

and they'll still find something to pick up

"You could always be thinner."

We cause these girls to lose themselves,

telling them they cant be happy.

We tell them they need to add more makeup

thats the only way to be pretty.

Press on nails, and fake eyelashes,

erasing who they were with determination.

Telling girls they'll soon be perfect, but...

"Perfection is the disease of a nation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspirsed by Beyonce's Song... Link on bottom

Pretty Hurts:


Anything in parenthesis is a lyrics from her song.

No copy right infringement here folks :D

The Tower of The Magic Man

The Prompt Pit

Fifty miles from any mere mortal, evil or kind,

In the Mountains' peaks and the clouds' crisp chill,

There stands a Tower of ancient stone and midnight glow,

Built by The Magic Man, who haunts there still.

A place where lakes and forests blanket the dales,

Where starlight dapples on pale faces and creatures wild, 

A man whose soul brews storms and destroys,

Poor souls flock like minnows to his arms for miles.

Yet no child of man sees the omnipotent spire,

Nor hear His cries of voyeuristic disgust,

Only those of The Strange and The Marvelous give to

The benevolent magician their hope and their trust.

In this citadel of secret dwellers' sight,

he captivates his wards with magic no-one can transcend.

In the Tower of The Magic Man, O Child, 

Watch lights and colours dance to bring your sorrows to an end.

Pretty Peacock Sleep

She Whispered Something in My Mouth,

It Fell Out, 
Something Like…."You Will Never Be",
She Lit the End of My Cigarette with her Tongue,
She  Has  Tricks,
                       God Gum,
                       Slice Off a Piece of the Wall,
Use a Dumb Spoon',
Cherry-Red ,
You'd Smile but Not Nice Like That,
                   Main-Stained off the Street,
I'd be Lost,
without these Feet,
Interference from a Left Ear to a Thief Leaf,
Those Cats Dangle People,
Like Fish,
From The Highest Feats,
Not a Chooser Though,
Just a Mean-Goose Voice-Shine,
Poison Peacock,
Shake a Pretty Fan-Sleep,
Just for me,
Just Spins Round and Round,
Up Town,
Just Spins Round and Round,
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Plain Jane

Don't judge the package,
I'm a troubled kid.
Yes, I'm white and I'm rich,
But life's still a bitch.
I've got a pretty face
But I'm no ace,
Although I look it through cyberspace.
I've got brains,
But they don't help much if you're not sane.
It's hard to explain the inhumane domaine that is my brain;
I constantly sound like I'm on cocaine.
I'm so insane,
That it makes you refrain
From running your fingers though my maine.
Baby, I'm anything but plain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is actually part of a rap I wrote for a friend awhile back haha


Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Inside I see and feel no beauty
Motivating myself daily to just be
But can anyone see?

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

My sadness and depression overflowing
The will not to live continually growing
But all you can see
Is all my glorious beauty

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Fighting off Sticks and stones daily
Drowning hurtful comments constantly
Forced to listen to what people think of me
While I don’t even think of me

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Worth no one’s love
Always alone and way above
Has anyone ever considered that I have had enough?
Life is just far too tough

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
So, you thought you knew me

Jealousy killed me

Written by Dlr

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Pretty Eyes

Pretty Pretty eye,
they all most hypnotize.
the prettiest color,
like no other,
I might just be obsessed,
but they are the best.
When i say they are my fave
and that i love them.
Please believe this true,
I only like them on you

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