Strong Woman

Snazzy, sassy, snappy lady, you know just who you are.
Your spine of steel, your heart of gold have carried you very far.
The gleam of your eye, the sparkle of your smile, the booming sound of your laugh,
the sway of your hips, your confident stride touch everyone in your path.
Convictions so deep, knowledge so broad, leave an impression wherever you go.
You open your arms to welcome us in, encasing us in your warm glow.

You dress to the nines, with fierceness so sweet
from the hat on your head to the shoes on your feet
You are grace under pressure, the epitome of style
whether dressing for church or staying home for a while.
You lead by example, knowing we will follow
Always ready with wisdom at times tough to swallow.


Mama Sadie, Ms. Ginny, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Anne;
Ms. Julia, Nana Grace, Ms. Mary, Ms. Fran.

Your names make us smile – so much love, so much strength.
We give you respect while we marvel at the lengths
to which you will go to protect those you love,
to show us the path set by God up above
that we must walk even when times get so tough.
You show us a Faith abundant enough
to get us through whatever the season
and won’t hesitate to give us a reason
why we can’t give up, get down, let go.
See even when we have our doubts, YOU know.


You have the confidence of ten thousand men
and know how to be the first to defend
those who live under your watchful eye.
It’s as though you’re an angel sent down from the sky
whose purpose here is to teach us right from wrong –
to give us the notes to our own personal song.

You’re a shining example of how persistence does pay
and kicking our behinds when we often lose our way
as impertinent children so regularly do;
but there’s never a time when we can’t rely on you
to bring us back to the place we should be
and remind us that the world is all about the WE.


You speak your mind without one single worry,
Do things in your own time without a bit of hurry.
At times you can seem tougher than a chew of rawhide,
but won’t hesitate to show your softer side
because you know sometimes what your children require
is a safe, quiet, warm place to lay down, retire.

So you open up your arms, your heart, your very home.
You assure us that never is a day that we’re alone.
You provide words of wisdom, of comfort, of love;
and then when the time is right, a quick, gentle shove.
You push us out of the nest and onto our feet
but never truly leave us alone in the street.

You give all your children the tools to survive,
what we need to be successful, be happy, to thrive.

But you also give us knowledge that when the day is through
we can always return to the solace of you.
You know that blood does not always mark who is family
and have an unspoken code to watch and oversee
the children of your sisters, your neighbors, your friends;
the responsibility goes on forever, it never ends.

You have always known the type of village it takes
to ensure we are protected from our own big mistakes.
You know we will make too many errors to ever track
but are there to point them out and make up where we lack.

Your life hasn’t been easy, the road has been tough,
but the hallmark of you is never saying “I’ve had enough.”

You never gave up when the path has been hard,
you merely raised up your chin and brought up your guard.
Always prepared to do battle, no matter what came,
as secure in your ability as you are in your name.
The struggles you faced took on many a form
and at times it seemed fighting was just your new norm.
There are scars, and bruises, and lingering pain.
But you conquered the darkness, the downpours, the rain.

You came through it all with an abundance of Faith
in yourself, in your love, in your Creator’s Amazing Grace.

And now you are here to serve as guardian of us all;
to help lift us up at those times when we fall.
You listen, you watch, you observe what we do
and wait patiently, knowing that we’ll come to you
when we are in need of the guidance you’ll give
to help us be successful in the lives that we live.

There are no words to express just how much you mean,
even though there are times we know it can seem
that we are ungrateful for all that you bring.
We can be as fickle as the weather in the spring.
For it’s hard to admit that at times we don’t know
even half of the things we need if we’re to grow.


But even if we do not always show our thanks,
even if we’re bitter over the occasional spanks
that came our way when we were so young
(and claimed what we did was all in good fun)
we know you’ve always had our best interests at heart
and wanted to show us how to be smart
with the choices we made as we started to grow -
you did a great job of teaching what we should know.

So right now, today, right here in this space,
we want to take time to say to your face
that we have always appreciated the things that you do
but even more than that, we truly love you.

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My ode entitled 'power of the human mind'

Power of the human Mind
I hope you don’t mind
We have one, all of our kind

Left and right lobes
Normally carrying heavy loads
But if anyone knew
About our mind: The truth

That it’s only designed for
Cataloging all the scores
It’s our higher mind which
Sees more of the shit

Cos it has the elevation
To see any trouble coming
And when you use your mind
To plan out future lives

It’s not working efficiently
That’s the higher mind’s job you see
The power of the human brain
Certainly far more amazing

Than anyone gives credit for
On purpose, life becomes a chore
Einstein was asked once to
Put together a crack team to do

A series of extreme experiments
But he gave up: reputation dent
He said that the scientists minds
Affecting the results all the time

The human brain can be amazing
It can do absolutely anything
Providing you don’t give it abuse
Drugs, poor food, any pollute
Power of the human brain fantastic
A future is bendy, like stretchy elastic

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my ode to Imagination

Got a strong imagination?
I’m betting you’re a magician
Using your third eye to dream
When you can use it to the extreme

Magic, it’s a natural thing
And mind power truly amazing
Then you work a lot nearer to
Your absolute, magical, full potential

You imagine your car weighs less
And the miles per gallon increase
Many things are in y our control
Though this sounds unbelievable

The people selling you fuel: More
The know magic; know the score
The water powered car; Indy 55
I want that one to drive

Bought by the oil cartel; not seen again
Cos it doesn't make lots of money
Same for the pharmaceutical industry
Yet another corporation run by Nazi's

Use your imagination to break free
From this belief system; bogus reality
The future is exactly w hat you choose
And when this is realized: they loose

Their grip over you and y our family
All corporations; Cain’s evil money
Cash soon to die anyways
So buy lots of silver for brighter days

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Everywhere I look is destruction
Everything I’ve built is ruined
It’s remains litter my past
With little hope for the future
You are my own worst enemy
It’s not the pressure of what I should be
It’s that I’m drowning in a sea of Me
I can’t believe that you’d lie to my face
But that’s your nature
You can’t help it
You’re a spawn of the Father of Deceit himself
A child of the devil
Just let me go
Die already
That I may live
And live fuller
Let go of me!
I am no longer am under your power
So why do I fall for it?
Why can’t I die that I may live?
Why can’t I kill my Self that I may survive?
That demon of ancient instinct
Who’s preyed upon my soul for so long
I know what’s right
And yet I choose wrong
Go to Hell Self,
Go back to where you belong
Free my soul from your clutches
That I may live eternally
For I know you
And I am my own worst enemy

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The Regressors

The Regressors

Through the twisting, celestial wormhole; the time point vortex that connects to fixed points in time they find themselves traveling. To change history, to alter the course of events, to align the 9 points Heimdall and open the gate to Bifrost, the bridge that connects our world to the hidden realm of the gods. Absolute power is their desire, the power the elder gods posses; the power to create chaos and destruction, to give life and take life; the power to slay, even gods. With the stolen time point vortex generator, the fallen sons and daughters of the Aesir seek to bring vengeance upon both worlds. Each regression is one step closer to oblivion.

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His World

Without her near, his love cannot exist,
His brilliant love for her he must eclipse,
How to mask such love but rule the world?
How to rule the world while masking his love for it?

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In the heart of our people, arrogance has made home.
Sure of his place, man has said in his heart he is the only
power in the universe; the only life that exists; that matters
among the stars. Pride has taken home in his soul; has said in his mind, I am the almighty;
the one in control, I am god of all that lives and all that dies.
The seed of the ancients has forgotten his place.

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Absolute power

Before the people he proclaimed absolute power, and a new age of peace and economic growth;
an age of spiritual awakening in which the people would learn of their true beginning and find unity with the over soul, and they shouted his name in unison.

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Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Inside I see and feel no beauty
Motivating myself daily to just be
But can anyone see?

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

My sadness and depression overflowing
The will not to live continually growing
But all you can see
Is all my glorious beauty

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Fighting off Sticks and stones daily
Drowning hurtful comments constantly
Forced to listen to what people think of me
While I don’t even think of me

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
Smiling constantly
So, you thought you knew me

Worth no one’s love
Always alone and way above
Has anyone ever considered that I have had enough?
Life is just far too tough

Pretty as can be
Power is all you can see
So, you thought you knew me

Jealousy killed me

Written by Dlr

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