A Bus Journey from Jabalpur to Bhopal, India

Jabalpur being situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh is quite popular for its marble rock formations on the banks of Narmada River. This place is linked to many cities via roadways. Many people travelling from Jabalpur to Bhopal on regular basis usually opt for buses. There are more than five buses plying on this route.

Bhopal beguiles you in its own way. A pair of lakes splits this beautiful city. Towards the North, you have the old city, a fascinating region of mosques, long alleys, bustling crowds, exotic havelis (huge palaces) and lively bazaars. The Southern part of the two lakes is considered as the new Bhopal. This place mostly frequented by visitors as they love to experience the wide roads, upmarket shopping complexes, plush hotels and restaurants nestled conveniently in the Arera and Shamla Hills, which overlook the lakes and the old city beyond. I took online bus tickets from redbus, as I made plans to travel to Bhopal from Jabalpur. I was geared up for a small vacation! This amazing bus booking portal reduced my hassles and made my bus journey a happy one.

The bus journey of 8 hours was comfortable as the bus gave rest stops and played movies on their TV screens. I was travelling in an AC sleeper bus, this was very relaxing and cool. The bus passed through several scenic places, broad highways, lush greenery and soothing plantation sights. I usually prefer bus travelling just because of these experiences.

Jabalpur is well connected by busways with other cities like Nagpur, Raipur, Indore and many more. Most of my travelling mode is by bus, I usually take buses to any place that is connected from Jabalpur. Since my plans of travelling are always unforeseen, therefore buses serve in a great way. I carry my earphones and my favourite novel along, this keeps away boredom during long journeys. I pack some tasty snacks and carry my sleeping blanket (I am little sceptical about the bedrolls given in the buses)! Everything is sorted when I sleep in a moving bus, seriously the best sleep ever! 

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Head East


It defies the mind

To reverse the steps

That our ancestors 

Once trek 


A long time ago

By boat they came

Taking months it seemed

Transversely changed


Only by wings 

In a matter of hours

The first trip back

Such amazing power


After centuries of adieu

To visit the mother land

Holding the spirit 

Of our fathers hand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A trip to beautiful Spain

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Yog-Sothoth: The All In One




Dwelling in the interstices between planes,
Composing the Universe.
Manifestation as a conglomeration,
Globes shifting, flowing into another.


Deity of Sorcerers and Wizards,
Granting them great power
To travel between the planes
To see into a plane through crystal globes.

Commanding various monsters
From distant worlds...

Gifts in return,
Opening the way
For Yog-Sothoth
To travel from His domain.


Tawil at'Umr;
Wishing to travel to distant places.
Being the least malignant
Him unveiled
Causes great sacrifice.


Utterly mad,
Destruction on its path.

The Cult of Ne-Pang
Is a Yog-Sothoth Cult.
Order of the Silver Twilight
The Temphill Cult
Claim this name too.


Power to travel within the planes,
Reaching any other time or space.
He is the Key and the Gate.
Opener of the Way,
Wishing to enter this plane.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the Cthulhu Mythos Deity Yog-Sothoth.

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