Trial by Media

Mourning for a loss long gone,
The shadows collect dust.
While progress stagnates a nation;
Holding its breath under water,
Too afraid to rise and inhale,
They’re going under.

No circumstances can revoke the true calling,
Born to power, though none have fared to be the example.
A pedestal crumbling at its very foundation,
Old world opinion dressed in new linen.
The pirates and plunderers are now completely grounded,
With man-made rules trapping their exploitations.

No facts will remain, but the scandal’s a winner,
No need for the lynching when there’s a trial by media.
Watch the fall of an empire by satellite,
With a television screen and blotted rag paper.

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allets's picture

I Love How You ideate

I read you over and over because each time there is more there. like rag blotted paper...something to ponder - the world/civilization descends and ascends simultaneously - the dichotomy is filled with tensions I enjoy in a writer with their thumb on the pulse of our days - be well and please keep writing - you do it so well ~A~



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Thank you yet again! I'm back

Thank you yet again! I'm back from my vacation to Rome and got lots of ideas, I just need to pluck them from my mind and get it down now :)