my ode entitled 'happy to be blessed'


Happy to be blessed

Happy to be blessed
With god given gifts
Well no, not really
Born with all of it

But only just woke to
The matrix: So cruel
The bloodlines of cain
Love humanities suffering

But Dark cannot stand light
Need love and bright
To illuminate the illuminati
Otherwise are distinctly nazi

Love is the cosmos foundation
Erased from every nation
Rulers: Divide and conquer
W hen all sister and brother

Power of love: A ma zing
Cuts like a laser
Lifts when your down
Also erases that frown

And increases your vibration
Better still, be vegetarian
Dog eat dog today
TRUST : isn’t gods way

Master Jesus’s kick is
Peace, love and selflessness
Lacking in the west
YOU’R job to redress

That particular balance
Spread love like petals
At a divine festival
Bonus is: There’s no Hell

It’s your choice: Choose
Light not the dark
Love, not the hate
Then lifes just great

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