torn love


Dark Love

My heart in my hands,

A previous love took it from my chest,

Shattered it with their cold cruelty,

I sit there covered in blood,

A hole in my chest,

Tears falling from my eyes,

Sparkling in the light like crystals,

I dodged a bullet,

You never loved me,

I lost my mind,

I gave you my heart,

You shattered it,

I feel a hand on my cheek,

Wiping away my tears,

You sit beside me,

Kiss the pieces of my heart,

I watch as they change colour,

Red to blue to purple,

A deep dark amethyst colour,

It fuses like a precious gem,

Each crack becomes a facet,

There is something different about it,

You take my hand in yours,

Hold it to your chest,

Your heart skips a beat,

You tell me that part of you is infused with it,

But your heart belongs to another,

I can feel it beating faintly,

My stomach knots,

Bile rising and burning,

Toxic and hot,

I felt like I was rising from the ashes,

When you came along it stopped hurting,

Until it hurt once more,

I know it is only temporary,

Chipped and broken my heart lays once again in my hands,

I want to throw it away,

I cant live without it,

I dont want to lose you,

I feel deeply attached to you,

Ash falls from the sky,

Smooth and silky to the touch,

Warm and comforting,

I need to sleep,

I need to breathe,

I need you.

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Torn Love

What has happened to us?

You feel like a ghost to me,

Tell me what it is I have done,

Did you ever stop and notice all the hurt this causes?

Its as if youre not even there anymore,

Im like a ghost to you,

Its haunting me,

Its hurting me,

My heart is restless,

Who gave you right to make it break?

I dont understand it,

You mean so much to me,

Ive cried thousands of tears over you,

Ive bled because of you,

Dont put a knife in my back,

Stab me in the heart,

So I know its you who did it,

Look me in the eye and tell me,

Do you even care?

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Torn Love

Have you any idea how much it hurts to love you?

Do you even care?

Like a supernova exploding,

Firing off shards in all directions,

Pockmarked and scarred,

I know you dont care,

Within my dreams its never the truth,

Save me from this,

Let me go,

Love me back,

Tears fall and crash around me,

Cheeks stained,

Wake me up,

Under the scars Im raw,

Fire inside burns hot,

Scortching the flesh,

It hurts.

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Dark Love

You stuck a knife in me,

You twisted it and pulled it out,

You watched me bleed,

You enjoyed my suffering,

You couldnt have been more cruel,

You could have tried,

You poked the wound for fun,

You knew when it started healing,

You tore a gaping wound in my heart,

You laughed at my expense,

You liked the attention,

You liked being chased,

You were always going to hurt me,

You just made me blind to it,

You caused enough pain to open my eyes,

You let me slip through your fingers,

You saw my colour fade,

You drained my blood,

You caused scars,

You hurt me,

You never felt anything,

You lead me on,

You discarded me when it wasnt convenient,

You caused excrutiating pain,

You never cared,

You never said sorry and meant it,

You watched the last drop of blood,

You watched me die of a broken heart,

You are twisted,

You are cruel,

You lost me because I walked away.

A Fallen Star

Torn Love

I only wish you know,

How much I loved you,

Right from the beginning,

The impact you made when you landed,

From high above,

You fell so far,

Never losing your shine,

The first time I laid eyes on you,

The darkness staring back at me,

We danced and danced,

Orbited each other,

Complementary and clashing,

A comet passed by,

Obscuring the vision,

Leaving a trail of dust and debris,

You fell to earth,

I held you in my arms,

Breathed life into your fading embers,

I gave you my trust,

I thought I had yours,

You exploded in my hands,

Tore me to shreds,

Ripped my heart out,

Left me bleeding and alone,

If you only knew,

How much I had loved you.