low self esteem


Tired, and sunken eyes,

She stares into the mirror,

At a body she has grown to despise,

She squints to see it clearer,

She doesn't notice her bony limbs,

Her delusional mind, sees only fat,

She craves not food, but only to be thin,

Her stomach to be completely flat,

She stares at herself, with clouded eyes,

She crumbles to the ground, in a wailing heap,

Her voice to weak, for anyone to hear her cries,

Another day gone, without something to eat,

She wanders the world, lost in her mind,

She just wanted to be pretty,

She has lost track of life, lost track of time,

She just wanted to be skinny,

As she walks, her body begins to fade,

Pain cuts through her body, like a knife,

She won't live to see another day,

Anorexia, has taken another life.





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A Day of My Fate, Which Is Hate...

Emotional Poems

"Emo," they call me
I respond to my "name"
They laugh at me
I hang my head in shame

I walk down the hallways
I do things my way
They say, "hey, emo! You can't stay!"
I pick up my notebook and walk away
I'll stand up for myself
Just not today...

I don't fit in
People stare at me, like I am a sin
I won't fight back
My world is already black

I want to run away
I want to escape
I want to hide away
I don't want my fate

I wish it was too late
I never even got a chance
To change this hate