i'm depressed!
i reached this conclusion as i undressed.
i lay in bed unable to move, each day is filled with endless seconds without you.
i thought we'd never end, but abruptly, we did!
what's the point of telling me you love me when you leave me alone and cold?

i'm depressed!
i stare at the computer feeling worthless.
i shove food in my mouth trying to fill the hole you left.
i'm unmotivated and uninterested.
what used to enthrall me now bores me to tears.
when you cut me off you took my heart.

i'm depressed!
i confess the pills aren't effective.
i feel the slide down into despair pick up speed.
every ache, every pain, i blame on you.
i try to occupy the hollow hours where you used to be,
but nothing sets my tortured soul free.

i'm depressed!
you'd laugh and declare me useless.
i miss the little things that annoyed me the most.
do you feel better now?
or, like me, do you still have my ghost to exorcise?
i feel incomplete, like there was no closure.
you felt there was because you never answer when i call.

i'm depressed!
i hope time can heal this emotional mess.
the demented days hand out their punishment.
our pictures of happiness taunt me from the wall.
i want to burn them all.
i rock back and forth in a pathetic dance.
i surrender to this moment.
God help me, I'm depressed!