The Road

Ugonna Wachuku



You are the road.
I am the seeker.
Then, show me
the way.  


You are the river.
I am the boat.
Then, float me to
the head-waters.


You are the wind.
I am the eagle.
Then, glide me to
towering clouds and
unseen mountain tops.


You are the rain.
I am the flower.
Then, give me water
to grow.


You are the flower.
I am the butterfly.
Then let me touch
your ripe, blue bud
with a kiss.


You are the tree.
I am humankind.
Then, show me how
to climb.


Remember, you are the
road. I am the seeker.
Then show me the way.


You are angel.
Then show me heaven.
Yet, you are the road.
I am the simple seeker.  


The Road  


~ Critiques/Comments ~ 


Gwendrina Howe

Dear Ugonna,  again, this poem brings me truth and spiritual pleasure. "You are the road, I am the seeker" - how wonderfully stated! Your analogies are drawn from the depth and simplicity of nature's beauty to make the reader enlightened by this path of knowledge. This verse fills me with deep peace and renewed hope. Thank you, Wendy


Helen Schmidt

A lovely poem, Ugonna!  You illustrate so clearly how interdependent the various aspects of life are upon one another. We are always searching for answers, and so many of them lie in nature. Beautiful words!  



Rachelle Wiegand

Came here from your interview with Deborah, Ugonna :) Wonderful interview, wonderful poetics!  Thank you for sharing!!  :)


Ken Corbett

This is my favorite work of yours, so far. You are skilled at using the small words to great advantage.

The pictures you paint here are clear and strong.  



Tim / manatee Marshall 

HI~like we said in the hipie days (HEAVY MAN) lol A+,your writings are like songs and i'm using what someone told me 

it plays at the very best time to go along with what i'm already thinking simular thoughts of,thank you

2002-05-02 17:10:48  


Netta Jack

Love the simplicity yet deep message in this piece. Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.

2003-01-21 18:21:18


Jayati Gupta

Man seeks God provides! Wonderful poems you write.

2004-09-27 14:41:41  


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Hold me tighter and tighter

And dress me in your arms,

Leave your scent upon me,

Enjoy my feminine charms.

I will feel lovelier than lovely

When my lips impart to yours.

Moist, soft as satin roses

Long kisses to endure.

Move into my anatomy,

Imprint into my soul,

Drink from me my darling

My nectar as it pours.

Hold me in your arms tonight

Make my spirit soar,

Let me know with you I'm safe

In your arms I feel your warmth.

Let my eyes behold the portrait

Which shines in your brown eyes,

Of two lovers walking arm in arm

Beneath the rainbow of paradise.

In your arms the pains of life do cease,

Your kisses medicative,

With body eased and manipulated,

Our loved is consecrated.

Take me in your arms tonight

Make your heart my home,

Dance with me among the stars

Hereafter and evermore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to lovers.  

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Could you spare a moment to walk with me

down my favorite street?

Where sunlight glimmers sparingly

it's warmth enhances sweet,

the fragrance of the cherry blossoms

to permeate the breeze

where lovers walk and bees are busy

buzzing overhead.

Could you take a moment and walk with me

and gently hold my hand?

Could you take a moment to sit a spell

upon the lush green grass?

Where lovers linger telling tales,

bounding with romance,

as petals fall from cherry blossoms

delicately dance

where the air is filled with scent of cherry

sifting from the branch.

Could you take the time to dream with me

along this ripe pink path?

Would you take a moment and lean with me

against the wooden fence?

Where we'll lay our hands upon the rails

warming to the senses,

the thoughts of lovers walked before us

let your mind caress us

as sunlight shimmers through the blossoms,

gentle rays descend.

Could you take a moment to walk with me

or simply just pretend?

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When You Smile

Ugonna Wachuku


Whispering waterfalls and
streams tell me beautiful
stories in my dreams.


Silent hearts sing me simple
songs of glory and hope.
In my dreams; in my tears
of joy and glad sorrow, I
watch you follow the river's
pathway to lands unknown; to
lush landscapes undefiled.


I watch you tell moonlight
stories in village squares
at home. I watch you follow  
nature's heartbeat. I watch
you dream new, loving dreams
for humanity:


There will be uplifting songs
from deep ancestral warriors
and villagers. In my tears; in
my joyful sadness, I watch you
take my hand:


I feel your presence. I feel
your love. I feel your inspiring
breath and subtle power because
when you smile, I am made whole.


When you smile, I behold a whole

new world on moonlit nights and
brilliant blue clouds. That smile
is all I need to run creatively


And tonight, I will be at
the village square once again,
waiting for you and that





When You Smile
~ Critiques/Comments ~

Rachelle Wiegand

Ugonna,  Another inspiring gem. You are a Poet, aren't you?  I love

"There will be uplifting songs

from deep ancestral warriors
and villagers. In my tears; in
my joyful sadness, I watch you 
take my hand:


I feel your presence. I feel
your love. I feel your inspiring
breath and subtle power because
when you smile, I am made whole.


When you smile, I behold a whole

new world on moonlit nights and
brilliant blue clouds. That smile
is all I need to run creatively


And tonight, I will be at
the village square once again,
waiting for you and that 




So beautifully appreciative, so breathtaking and mysterious ... I love it! Great work! 


Ugonna Wachuku
I believe I am a poet, Rachelle! What a striking question, indeed!
Let me just say so for the moment. And thank you for your moving
critical analysis concerning When You Smile. I'll certainly go back to
read this poem of mine again and again... 


Teresa Jacobs
Your words are so beautiful. Full of mystery and of hope. I love this
poem. You tell your story with such powerful desrciptiveness. I can't
help but reading this poem over and over again.


Mona Omar
when you smile iam  made whole i behold a whole new world on moonlight
night what a beautiful poem  when you smile  


Angel Wolf
This is a breathtaking poem full of imagery. Takes YOU on a journey
through nature, love and life! Reminds me of another poet.  simply


Deborah Russell
a smile of the eyes is most beautiful


Myra Lochner

Oh Ugonna!   

When I return from time to time to quench my thirst at your silver
stream, I find this tranquility so good, so soothing, for my soul.

Thank you for your "beautiful stories" for my dreams.

Kindest regards


2002-01-31 15:58:05

Gail Henderson

Great work on this poem im so
gald i read the whole poem keep
up the lovely work i know great
work when i read it. i really apperciate
you taking the time to read some of
my poems that really means alot to
me. im very blessed by god in alot
of diffrent ways a family that loves
me and supports me and great freinds
ive had for years i like rechieving
comments it lights up my life and it
makes me a better writer .even the good


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(vir Madonna Lisa di Antonia Maria Gerhardini)

daar huiwer dan jou wese

aan die kunstenaar se kwas

die mededoë van jou oë

vang hom vir ewig vas

versigtig! maan sy vingers hom

skep slegs'n sweempie skaduwee

om sَ die veemde Vrede weer te gee ...

jou mondhoeke bly stram

hy word vermoei deur sy groot taak

maar jy - Madonna Lisa di Antonia - ontwaak:

'n diepe deernis én Die Glimlag

het stil-stil jou gesig versag

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Die kunstenaar kan nie krediet neem vir sy talent nie ...

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(vir talita)

sy stap oor heuwels

die madeliefie-mooie

die kindmeisie meisiekind:

sal sy die roete terug kan vind?

sy pluk die geure

gesiggies en rankrosies

die kleintjie viooltjievrou:

sal sy die ruikerreuk onthou?

sy slaap in klowe

die sonskuwe sterretjie

die tere tjienkerientjee:

sal sy haar dagdrome ontvou?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

vir my dogtertjie ...

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Ugonna Wachuku  



All for: Farah Didi of Maldives!



This new day, there is
heaven's healing in your
heart for the lofty land.
The rainbow begins a trail
to you and to nature with
smiles and caring colours.
Winds glide.
Stars watch
through your
eyes on blue


Shadows of the moon beam

depart for a journey to you.
Like birds of spring, you
walk through these flowers
to build new, loving dreams
on the moon's moving mild mind.  


Winds glide from your blue,
smiling sea into nature and
my heart. New inspiration
blooms for this eagle soul.
And islands in the sea are
born anew for the people's
well-being and refreshing


Then, on distant islands
where drumbeats echo
hopeful rhythms, you
become a singing and  
soulfully uplifting,
flower face. in the
emerging sun of your
land's early dawn.
Hope is born anew.
Life is enriched
with heavenly
bounties for the
journey ahead.  


You whisper to the wind
and to me. You empower
dear dreams through hopeless
landscapes. You draw precious
patterns of the healing rainbow
on dark threatening clouds.
And there is
hope and
for the


This new day, when the bountiful
rain meets you, you shall be headed
for home and love. There, whispering
winds, nightingales and whistling
pines shall tell you the story
of this healing love unchained
in everyone's heart and mine too.  


On fertile farmlands of home
and today, eagles begin to come
home with the hope of hearing
your enriching story:  


Just whisper.
Whisper to those
eagles. Whisper
to nature and to
me. And your
bountiful story
will be told.
Just whisper
and the land
will be born
anew with
hope and
care in
of the


In your caring eyes,
this new day, there
is hope and healing for
the land. Just whisper
and the earth will hear
with heaven's caring


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Whisper" is dedicated to Farah Didi - this Maldives light of the human spirit and creative essence because she gave us: "she rose among the waves." And surely, this land of her soul will be born anew with heaven's peaceful care beyond the waves! 


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Beautiful One

Ugonna Wachuku 


When silent drums speak;
when silent hearts beat;
when silent birds sing'
I'll listen. I'll be there.


I'll listen because I am
on a journey through life.
I am on a journey through
green hills and valleys.


Through the dark, weary
night, dawn shall meet
me with caring embrace
and soothing smile.


I must walk on; towards
this land of hope and
new love amongst 



On this inspiring land,
I'll tell uplifting stories  

of this journey from

my deep heart.


I'll tell you why the

tortoise has lines

on his hard back.
I'll tell you why

humankind must

love one another.


I'll tell you wonderful
stories for the survival
of humankind and our

enchanting earth



I'll kiss you welcome
and take you to that
lofty land of my being
where dews from

heaven refresh my



I'll make you sweet
smelling egusi soup.
You will love it.  

And when you are

done, I know you'll

ask me: "Where is

the beautiful one?"


I'll gladly say to you:
Here is the
beautiful one
because you
















Where are the Beautiful Ones?

Ugonna Wachuku


Nothing seems real.

Not even your face.

Not even your tears

and laughter.   


Silent voices are


Everything is


Everyone is


Even you.


Streams and waterfalls

are silent too.

Love is also silent

if you know what

I mean. 


My heartbeat is

silent for the

first time.

Now, I must rise

and go to your

beckoning, silent



Drumbeats from deep

forests of home sound

no more because we are

all silent.  


We have entered the

time of no return

in starring faces of

newly born souls.

Now is the time to

take up our mats

and search for love. 


Let us head for

silent rivers and


Let us meet nature

in the day's

refreshing silence.  


Let us stand



In nothingness.

Let us bleed from

wounds by these

fragrant roses.  


Let us search for

the beautiful ones.

Let us ask where

the beautiful ones






Days are short.

nightfall must

not meet us

because there

will be no



So, let us rise;

and in the silence

of our bountiful

hearts, search for

the beautiful ones

because we can.   


(c) Ugonna Wachuku: 2000


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