Ugonna Wachuku  



All for: Farah Didi of Maldives!



This new day, there is
heaven's healing in your
heart for the lofty land.
The rainbow begins a trail
to you and to nature with
smiles and caring colours.
Winds glide.
Stars watch
through your
eyes on blue


Shadows of the moon beam

depart for a journey to you.
Like birds of spring, you
walk through these flowers
to build new, loving dreams
on the moon's moving mild mind.  


Winds glide from your blue,
smiling sea into nature and
my heart. New inspiration
blooms for this eagle soul.
And islands in the sea are
born anew for the people's
well-being and refreshing


Then, on distant islands
where drumbeats echo
hopeful rhythms, you
become a singing and  
soulfully uplifting,
flower face. in the
emerging sun of your
land's early dawn.
Hope is born anew.
Life is enriched
with heavenly
bounties for the
journey ahead.  


You whisper to the wind
and to me. You empower
dear dreams through hopeless
landscapes. You draw precious
patterns of the healing rainbow
on dark threatening clouds.
And there is
hope and
for the


This new day, when the bountiful
rain meets you, you shall be headed
for home and love. There, whispering
winds, nightingales and whistling
pines shall tell you the story
of this healing love unchained
in everyone's heart and mine too.  


On fertile farmlands of home
and today, eagles begin to come
home with the hope of hearing
your enriching story:  


Just whisper.
Whisper to those
eagles. Whisper
to nature and to
me. And your
bountiful story
will be told.
Just whisper
and the land
will be born
anew with
hope and
care in
of the


In your caring eyes,
this new day, there
is hope and healing for
the land. Just whisper
and the earth will hear
with heaven's caring


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Whisper" is dedicated to Farah Didi - this Maldives light of the human spirit and creative essence because she gave us: "she rose among the waves." And surely, this land of her soul will be born anew with heaven's peaceful care beyond the waves! 


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