You can do it

We all have goals we want to achieve

But we're not willing to put the work required

It may have to do with how we perceive

the road should be to reach our desires


When reality's different from expectation

The fire in you begins to decrease

It also goes down with your motivation

Then your strength to continue completely cease


What that means is your outlook just needs to change 

Nothing good in life is never ever easy

When challenges come, don't think it's something strange

Because that's how life goes, things never go smoothly


Put God first and you surely will make it through

And along with that you need some discipline

If you're passionate, work harder to prove it's true

With time and consistency you'll certainly win


You can do it, so push yourself to the limit

It's with great dedication the legends did it

Focus on your goals and ignore the critics

Keep it up long enough you will surely make it


Methodic Madness

Enslaving chains and wilderness pains 

are broken on healing heavenly domain 

plus graceful throne, envisioned. 


Method upholds this marauding madness 

aflicting us on earthly journeys through 

wounded wilderness, deadly disdain 

and frighful famine; distressing 

humankind and nature. 


Twisted minds and wicked souls  

torment humankind on this earthly  

journey through birth, life and death. 

Yet, we came with nothing; and with 

nothing, we depart to earth's dust.  


Hideous hypocrisy darkens love to 

hide this greatest reality from heaven's 

green pastures, meadows and 

river bed, unchained.  


We follow this river path to oceans 

lighted by divine mercy and unending 

salvation; healing broken hearts and 

bleeding, lost souls. 


Draw Your Pen

Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

The time to pursue your dreams is right now.

Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

There’s no waiting. It’s time to go.


What’s wrong? What’s the matter?

Are you alright? Please talk to me, okay?


Did you lose your home again?

Are your parents disowning you?

I’m here for you only if you let me in.


I cannot guide you, but I will be along for the ride.

They cannot put strings on you forever

If you find the scissors to cut them.

Your passions are only for you to decide.


Life on Earth could end tomorrow so why the fuck are you wasting your time?

You were born for adventure so you might as well draw your pen.


Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

The time to pursue your dreams is right now.

Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

There’s no waiting. It’s time to go.


There’s one thing that you need to know;

It’s to always keep an open mind.

You will possess such beautiful magic

If you would only take a chance.


The universe is so much bigger than we realize.

The sun will not last forever. It’s just a fireball that can burn out.

Marine life is going extinct and it’s all our fault.


Life on Earth could end tomorrow so why the fuck are you wasting your time?

You were born for adventure so you might as well draw your pen.


Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

The time to pursue your dreams is right now.

Life’s too short. Life’s too short.

There’s no waiting. It’s time to go.


Peace be With You

May you sleep in peace tonight

And have happy dreams without fright

When you wake to the suns new rays

And the stars sleep as you start your day

Know that you're blessed and I hope you see

I'm thinking of you, so think of me

In troubled times you may not always see

But I am he one who calmed the raging sea

I'm always there with you hand in hand

To carry you through the sinking sand

So cast your fears to the Lord above

So that you may know that I am Love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote this poem.

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Chasing Time

Memories are fading,

Remember your smile.

Please tell me you remember mine,

What is lost is not forgotten,

I cherish every moment we were both alive.


Seems natural my heart became an icicle cavern,

No man should be told not to feel,

Or compromise.

Lack of passion and driven insanity,

Intoxicated with desire,

An empty bottle filled with the pretence of ego,

Swallowed with pride; still room left to breathe.


Haunting memory of a smile almost forgotten,

Here with me, teach me your intoxicating poison:

The drip is an overflow of promises to keep,

I never kept them; do you shower me with shame?


The irrelevance I feel,

The impudent, lonesome warrior;

We fought, so I became the fighter,

Limbs become weak in the absence of shelter.

If we could go back in time,

Chasing the same dreams,

Are we still the same aspiration,

Or masked fallacy?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wisdom with age; regret with youthful rashness.

Life .. Death .. and that phone call ...

Smoke fills the air…
remnants of an addicted nature ...
An empty bottle by my side …
liquor a regular feature.  
A future seemingly bleak...  
My mind convoluting without brakes
I seek out the easiest escape route , 
one decision is all it takes.
As moments slither by ,
the ceiling fan seems friendlier ...
To end it all seems appropriate ,
a tragic end to a dismal failure 
I look around for an alternative, 
all routes showing none ...
I messed up bad, I know it,  
The world too small for me to run ... 
Just a few more moments remaining ,
a sad conclusion to the million seconds before ...
I steel myself towards the finality ...
resignation writ large on my soul .... 
And then the phone starts ringing ...
I wonder who the caller might be ...
the incessant ring filling up the void
begging to be answered by me... 
A tentative 'Maa' comes forth, 
as I recognize the caller on the phone ...
my eyes start pouring away .
as my soul unburdens my woes
She proclaims no miraculous mantra ...
no grand statements of inspiration ...
she simply connects to me ...
courage enough to challenge my damnation.  
As I recall that call over the years ...
my beautiful daughter by my side
a few roses for a stony grave
and for my dear mother who never died.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tribute to a loved one .. Nuff Said !!

Like A Bird

Like a Bird
May 10, 2012

Like a bird sing a sweet melody
Declaring His works continually

Before the sun rises the oracles escape from your lips
Sing all day long so you won’t forget

Listening like an attentive mockingbird
Mimic what He says, yes everything you heard

He spoke of unity, power and wealth
A prospering spirit and divine health

Open doors, favor and grace
He confirms His Word when you seek His face

Like a beautiful eagle spread your wings as you fly.
Singing a song of freedom and strength as you glide


DaShonda Patrice, His Gracious Gift
A pen in the hand of Elohim, Creator of everything

Better Days

There will be better days ahead
through the wind and the rain,
there will be better days
when we won't feel anymore pain.

There will be better days ahead
when we will be with our loved ones,
holding hands, hugging each other
when our end finally comes.

There will be better days
when we won't feel anymore pain,
of missing our loved ones dearly
through the wind and the rain.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

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Brooks to You

Ugonna Wachuku 


You did not leave those birds all
alone on the pathway. You did

plant flowers and dimples on lush
gardens of glow and smiles. 

You gladly did walk to that

bright blushing beat from the

enchanting eagle's empowering 

humble heartbeat heartily

druming itself to you on 

welcoming lush landscapes 

of home.   


You did smile on those birds
yearning for bounties in your
inspiring being on enriching

green bush paths of home

scented with sweet smelling

roasting corn and pears.


For the rejuvenating first
time, you walked with weary
waterfalls and whispering winds
to living love unbound; to new

uplifting soulful strength in

handsome heaven's heart.  


You left the land blooming with
rain and rainbow. You walked to
the eagle clad in your brilliant
blue cloud. You cultivated the
land for heaven's enriching
harvest from the earth's
welcoming womb. 


Yet, you did not leave those
brilliant birds and little me
to wallow in pain and longing
anguish through a heart

wounded at story time.


You gave most of your

peaceful soul made whole
by merciful, glorious grace:

So, let me send these abundant
brooks to you. Let me send this
mountain-faith moonbrook lush
to you. Let me see the soothing
stream you gave humankind!


Being nature's humble child,
let me send these peaceful
brooks of my heart to you.
Let me send you heaven's
natural nimbus clothed
with fragrant flowers
and refreshing streams.
Please, just let me send
these bountiful brooks to
soulfully beautiful you on

green pastures abiding! 


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