Beautiful One

Ugonna Wachuku 


When silent drums speak;
when silent hearts beat;
when silent birds sing'
I'll listen. I'll be there.


I'll listen because I am
on a journey through life.
I am on a journey through
green hills and valleys.


Through the dark, weary
night, dawn shall meet
me with caring embrace
and soothing smile.


I must walk on; towards
this land of hope and
new love amongst 



On this inspiring land,
I'll tell uplifting stories  

of this journey from

my deep heart.


I'll tell you why the

tortoise has lines

on his hard back.
I'll tell you why

humankind must

love one another.


I'll tell you wonderful
stories for the survival
of humankind and our

enchanting earth



I'll kiss you welcome
and take you to that
lofty land of my being
where dews from

heaven refresh my



I'll make you sweet
smelling egusi soup

with bitter leaf. 
You will love it.  

And when you are

done, I know you'll

ask me: "Where is

the beautiful one?"


I'll gladly say to you:
Here is the
beautiful one
because you




















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Shana Alexander's picture

What a beautiful dedication to someone you hold in high regards. Your use of words flowed over me like water. Very good poem!

rosalind's picture

The beautiful one is indeed a poetic excellence, "a thing of beauty is a joy forever".

Rose D's picture

Beautiful One was a romantic beautiful poem.


Ozjan Yeshar's picture


"Through silence those who can hear are those who are gifted". Your poem "Beautiful One" is another great poem. Cheers.

Karyn Indursky's picture

Wow. You're such a talented writer. It's amazing how your spirituality is set free with your writing. I hope you never stop expressing yourself this way. I know I'd love to be able to read more.

Farah D's picture

silence. And among the silence, I hear your beautiful words floating in the wind. Ugonna. I listen. Because they are so beautiful. And calms my soul.

Judy Costea's picture

I love this poem, I feel myself walking this journey with you as i read. There are so many unanswered questions that one day will be answered. and you are the beautiful one.
WOW. Ok that soup, I want to know what is in it and how to fix it..LOL..
Thank you for such a uplifting journey with you.

mwhatim's picture

ok this one is most certainly a treasure....after reading it however I wanted to hear uplifting stories, I wanted to hear why the tortoise has lines on his back...and being reminded of why we should all love each other would be a have a gift sweets!....perhaps you can take the stories of how humanity can survive and pen a new piece that would be a gift!
stay safe :o)

poetvg's picture

this poem was amazing
i see why this poem is
called Beautiful One
great work on this one .

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Beautiful poem, Ugonna!!

Betty Hattersley's picture

This poem is....a beautiful one

myrataal's picture

Dear Ugonna On the Journey through Life and Beyond, the Silence speaks with a sweet timbre. I listen with you: I follow the beat of the drum, the heart, the birds, the Path. It is the beat of LOVE; of Beauty; of Truth. Thank you for translating this sound into musical words. Love Myra

Lorraine Reutter's picture

A beautiful poem that reaches the heart and touches the are a gifted writer I really value the critiques you gave me ...thankyou

vjochum's picture

Ugonna, you, are a beautiful one. You carry a message which transcends all religious boundaries and soar straight into the deepest crevas of the human soul who thrists for comfort.

Patricia Jones's picture

The title could describe all your work. This is breathtakingly romantic, with a silky voice and dreamy images. Superb work, my friend! Patricia