I try with the little I have
To feed the needy and the poor
When they gather round my shining wooden door

I give without seeking a reward
Putting my trust and hope In God

For everything I own is not my own
I pray for them with all my mind
Thine Lord and God is ever kind

I tend to show how much I care
To help reduce the pain they bear

Who can you tell of their tomorrow
They can be Queens, they can be Kings
Who will go on to wear pretty crown and rings

So learn to give to the poor
For their hunger we can surely cure...

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Deborah and I spent October in the mountains, enjoying the Autumnal views

We were going to leave on the 31st but Bryan made us and offer we couldn’t refuse.


He asked if we wanted to see the Biltmore House Christmas tree when it arrives November 1st

Then we remembered, “Hey, we’re retired!”, so our plans we immediately reversed.


The Biltmore Estate Christmas tree (we got our information from reliable sources)

Is 35 feet tall and enters the grounds on a carriage drawn by two horses.


As if seeing the tree wasn’t enough then let me offer more proof

Bryan said we could watch the festivities from atop the Biltmore House roof.


So from a balcony up on the roof with the colors of fall all around

We watched the Christmas season enter through a gate on the Biltmore House grounds.


We felt blessed to watch the merging of the seasons, as the sky cleared and out came the sun

But the biggest blessing of the day was sharing it all with our son.


A month surrounded by the colors of fall, is enough to warm any heart

But standing on the roof with Deborah and Bryan got this season off to a great start.


As I stood up there marveling at Bryan, our son, and smiling at Deborah, my wife

I thought what a special moment…then I wondered about these moments in my life.


What is it that makes them so special?  Let me now help unravel this myth.


What makes the moments in one’s life special are the ones we share those moments with.

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What is true knowledge?
Is it restricted to books and college?

Is knowledge related to being always updated?
Or is knowledge a weapon against being outdated?

Do you think you have reached the depth of knowledge by now?
Do you see yourself become an orator somehow?

No matter what you read,
The earth is vast in its wisdom seed!

There is so much to know when one sees nature as a beautiful sight!!
It brings out awe to wonder on the creator’s might!

What are you going to do with the knowledge you have,
Are you going to teach something to someone to make God feel glad!

Knowledge does not grow by storing it inside,
Knowledge grows by sharing it with others to reach out worldwide!

So if you learn something today,
Remember to guide someone and help him in his way!

People who genuinely guide everyone with their knowledge!
Are the extra-ordinary beings chiseled with a cutting edge!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What is knowledge all about?

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A Christmas Miracle

I saw a hungry and homeless family and that wasn't fair.
I let them come to my house to share.
There was more than enough food for everyone.
We talked and sang and we had a lot of fun.
When we finished eating, they offered to work to pay.
I said no because nobody should work on Christmas day.
Seeing people down on their luck makes me very sad.
But I managed to find the father a job in the want ads.
Now they have a house and they're as happy as can be.
I'm glad that the help they needed came from me.

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The Main Attraction?


Never once in my life
Have I ever shared my man
Not with any other female, and now I am
Sitting here and rethinking my plan

He is all I ever needed
And all I wanted was him
Just to be near him I
Would have fulfilled every whim

But I find myself in a spot
He wanted her so I said go
Yet I find myself on a boat
With one paddle so I row

But now I am wondering
Just what for, he’s with her
And I’ve had a premonition
That says that he’s gonna stay with her

On a permanent basis
And he’s going to forget me
Now that this has happened
I sit and wonder why I couldn’t see

All of this before
Maybe it was because
I fell for him again
And I wanted it to be like it never was

Did he have to have her
Because of who I used to be
Or was it because his sexual
Appetite could not be sated by just me

I don’t really know
All I know is
I am not cut out for this
I want to be just his

And I know that even if
He says it will be my way,
That he will still be hers
There isn’t anything to make him stay

So I will try as hard as I can
To let him have his sideshow
So that I can be the main attraction
Once again, this is all I know

Written on
September 20, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written about Tom ___. i wont put his last name her because of her. I have decided that I would rather have my 360 Degree vision, than to have her tunnel vision. Even though this one hurts me, I know I must suck up the pain for him.

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Touches of Love


One: These Moments
The moments we have had shared, I cherish and the moments to come for us, I yen for.


The nightmares we have apart will dissolve into dreams of blossoming love.
Our separate lives will become a whole being when we kiss for the first time.


Three: You Complete
Every shadow has a light, every demon has an angel, and every soul has a second half. When those halves met, and if things work out, the two separate beings become a third single being. You are all this and more, you are my love, my all, my Immortal Being.

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Post A Poem Here, Read All About It


Post a poem here
but only if you dare
they might give you a vote
they might give you a scare

Forum rules guides us there
give them your support, they declare
So while you're focused on your share
don't forget this forum to beware

Quick to write with that care
to avoid any excessive flair
ultimately finding words that pair
you think your poem is extraordinaire

With an open laptop lying next to your chair
eyes in the library begin giving you a stare
nevertheless, you seem to pay them no care
off to your posting like your very own prayer

Hardly finished but you can feel it in the air
somethings going on, something rare
fixated on that email button as your hand draws near
your fan club is calling, you've caught their ear

Once again you've been told, with a reader's tear
just what your poem meant to them, it's so very dear
finally arriving to this worthy conclusion alone to bare
what a world of difference have you made, moving others to Care.....  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The world of poetry should be taken very seriously. It's more than just words. With this real potential to touch others, it has become a worthy cause that many now follow.

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Take My Love

Ugonna Wachuku  



When all is said and lived;

when beauty and joy are

planted in your earth-heart;

when the last royal roses

come to you, remember, I

will always be there for

you through pain, agony

and tears.


And handsome heaven's

brilliance will be your 

light through dark waters.

Day shall be your companion

through sun-lit pathways

of hope, love and new



In my soul, caring streams

and rivers will rise on this 

trying, painful journey 

through life. 


Windful waterfalls will kiss

me for a new kind of hope in

love and beauty enchanting.


Just remember, I will always

be there for you. Darling, you

can gladly count on me to till

the land and work the farm 

through every pain and 



I will tend the garden and

bring you roses and tullips

of blue and yellow.

So, always remember,

there will be no if.

I'll listen and care. 

I'll uphold you to 

outlive every terror 

and pain with love 

and wisdom. 


You can always count on heaven

to bloom my heart anew each day.

Even when the spirit is weak, I

will ever remember that you are

there. Surely, darling, I will.


Take my love when you will.

And remember, through this

pain, through this agony,

I will ever 

be there, 






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