It's 5 AM as I open my eyes
and it's you who is on my mind.
But, who are you?
I have no picture to pull from under my pillow
and whisper, "happy birthday dear."
I love you, far or near.
I prayed we would be together this day,
but it wasn't to be.
Are you still searching, for me?
So lonely here
with you so far away.
Or are you near and our paths have not yet crossed?

Wondering, what are you doing my love?...

As I walk to my kitchen and make,
coffee for one.
With a deep sigh and a single tear,
a fleeting thought of two,
if you were here.

I hear the birds beginning to caw,
like miestros commanding the sun
to orchestrat over the hillside.
One by one awakening to join the chorus
in unison, so demanding their call for the light.
Their song sweeter than the
ting, ting, ting on the sides of my cup.
Sweeter than the warmth on my lips,
more savory than my first sip,
but nothing sweeter than my thoughts of tasting
our first kiss.

I send a kiss to the sun,
carried by the gentle wings of a whisper....
Io ti amo, amore...
God's speed and, Happy Birthday.

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a lump of coal at the tip of south africa

suffered the heat and pressure of a million years

to rest on your finger or to dance on your necklace or tiara

sparkling with the blinding light of God's perfection

mastering art of refraction and reflection

this jeweler's object of affection

this kaliedoscope of love

this steely rock

is a real


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Perfectly centered in the middle of the page, the shape of this poem is a perfect diamond. Oh well,... you get the general idea.

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Paler Colors of Life

The reds and yellows get all the attention

While the orange and purple stand tall.

The lilac is popular, so is vermillion

And cerulean is valued by all.

But the dull little spots of hooker's green

That make up the foliage and grass,

Are ignored in the overall scan of the scene,

And often completely bypassed.

The paler hues like the muted blues

And a peach or a pink...ah! you've got it,

May not be as bright, or as garish and light,

But try to paint a sunset without it!

God is an Artist whose example I use

When in doubt how to layout my canvas.

His palette is great with the choices He makes

As He takes up His brushes to paint us.

There are mousey ones stuck in the background,

There are firey ones making the news,

Then the classier muted and bland ones,

Or the blue-blooded, rich ones to choose.

Sometimes overlooked in life's picture,

Are the plain, old, everyday pales,

But they are the strong ones who'll weather

All the hardships and life's stormy gales.

I wish we could all just remember

When we look at our myriad friends,

Bright and bold may be beautiful,

But pale hues give depth in the end.

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Be My Date

Ugonna Wachuku


Smile your smile.
Be your real self.
Dream your dream.


Do your kind thing.
If you wish, get angry.
Let-off steam. But don't
heap it on me. You can
let the pigs at Decapolis
have it. I wouldn't mind.
But wait, people could


Anyway, life goes on.
Just don't let it go on

as usual. Do something
different. Build new dreams.
Plant roses and its thorns.
Be good to somebody. There
are so many hurting souls
out there.


View sprawling landscapes.
Watch eagles and me soar.
Smell the luring earth.
Till the soil. Plant new
crops. Watch them grow.
Eat no junk food. Care
for your life and body.
Don't mind the cat story.
You aint got nine lives.


Do something different,
my dear. Listen to the
whistling pine. Hear
the waterfall draw patterns
and streams throught the
forest. Admire the dolpins. 


Cherish and uphold heaven's
love for humanity. Reach
beyond the stars. Let God's
breath lead you on. Just be
willing and available.

Climb unbending mountains and
hills. View the valley. Have
hope. Build love. Just love
those little children. Show
them the good, loving way.
Stop hatred and racism.


Build mansions of peace and
brotherhood over terrorism.
Do something different,
beautiful one. Just do
something different, humanity.


Listen to my heartbeat in
its loving rhythm. Be my love.
If you will. Just be my date,
beautiful one. Kingdom one.
Smiling faces and beating
hearts are waiting:


Just be
my date










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Back Again



It's been two years since
I came here last. I am so



Today, It's a bright, sunny
May day. And I am here to
breath nature's beauty; to
watch these glad birds take
off and land smooothly on

the silent glittering lake in
Handsome Hermance's hand!


The lake ripples.
Excitment in my blood.
Sun rays form golden patterns
of blue and grey on the lake.
Beauty is born before my
excited eyes. Glory!
Peace in my soul.
Gratefulness to God who
made all that I see.


The lake ripples.
Still, excitement in my blood.
I am born anew in God's brilliant
beauty of the welcoming spirit -
His breathtaking creation!


The grass is green
and lush. On it I rest
my longing feet; and then, feel
nature's loving caress refresh
my little whole being.


Here I am, once again,
after all these years!
Excitment in my blood.
Peace in my soul!


Here I am once again, Lord:
back to nature; back to you;
just back again.
And You have strengthened
me for the life and
journey ahead.
This new day.  


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Rain At Sea

Economy of Action

Raindrops dance

upon the puddle.

Raindrops dance

upon the sea.

The size of their

circles seems

the same..

whether raining

in the puddle

or that redundancy:

rain upon the sea.

They reflect

enkindled fires

under ignited stars

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Autumn in Georgia

Autumn In Georgia

There's a path that I take, where no one else walks,

And it leads through a carpet of leaves.

It's a shady cool spot, meandering still

Through the woods where I find special peace.

When the air bears a chill, and the boughs change their dress,

I can't wait to slip into that world,

Where the colors are vivid and the silence is noisy,

And the leaves many-hued, sway and swirl.

When I was a child, I played in the woods,

All alone where the deer ventured near.

And I feasted my eyes on the beauty of all

Nature sent me without dread or fear.

The golden of maple, the dogwood's deep red,

And the sweetgum turning purple in light.

I roamed and I rambled through forest and glen

From morning til the coming of night.

How can I tell of the glory of fall

With mere words that so glibly do roll?

It's a feeling that must be experienced, friend.

It's an awe buried deep in my soul.

Many years have now passed since I smelled hickory smoke

On the wind as I walked through the trees,

But the memories rush back with a clarity yet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love the colors of fall.  My soul seems to expand and inhale their beauty.

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Upon A Hard Days Nights First Run

Seeing him so young

Electric girlmobbed rock star

See a young saint's tears

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As ons hiervandaan vertrek

verskyn ons dalk as newelvlek

in dieper dimensies van drome

onder die hand van die Kunstenaar

word sagte vlees verwerk

tot spore van edelmetaal

asemspel siklies teenwoordig

in die skaduwees van bome

skitterende Ligspiraal

selfbehaaglik vervaardig

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ons skittering is slegs vuurvliegliggies in vergelyking met die offerglans van die Ewigheid.

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