In Anticipation


In Anticipation

The thought of a vacation, before you’re there

The anticipation of a call before it’s made

The thrill at the very top of a roller coaster before you plummet

The contentment you feel when the house is clean and beds are made

A light brisk walk in the moonlight

A wave finally crashing to the shore

A light that shines in my room at night

Knowing that there will be something more

The breeze coming up to fill you lungs with fresh air

Leaves falling as if being released and free

Rain dripping softly in your hair

This is what you bring to me


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I walk alone, for I have requested too much from man.

A man of Godly virtues, to hold my hand and walk with me,

the path to heavens gate.

A man of intellect, unafraid of broadening his or my own perspectives.

I walk alone, in faith, till I find a hand to hold.

I walk alone because, only my pen can understand my emotional nature. The ink is the tears it sheds with me.

My body aches at the end of the day, wanting to experience a lovers embrace, so I walk alone to my bedside where I kneel in prayer to God, to hold me, one more time, where in His arms I find everything, because there is nobody to love me like that.

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Song Lyrics

I don’t know how and I don’t know when

  But somewhere down the line I found you standing

I don’t know where and I don’t know why

  Something deep down inside told me that you had to be mine.

Oh baby there was just nothing I could do to change that feeling….

  Cause I found you deep down inside my body

And I waited, I waited for you to leave

  But you stayed with me even though you’re gone

You’re still with me

  And I can’t go on without you

Somehow I want to fight these changes

  It hurts too much inside to hide

That feeling again

  But I can’t go back

And I’ve already begun

  So I’m stuck with you inside me

Forever not gone…

Oh I found you, I found you deep down inside my body

  And I waited, I waited for you to leave

But you stayed with me

  Even though you’re gone

You’re still with me

  And I can’t go on without you


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An ornament, built there upon my wall,

A picture of Creation, in motion.

Ceaseless Perfection...

As I place a single candle upon it's sill,

my docile hands stop.....

temporary inaction,

a moment for contemplation before

a sure strike of a match sets atop it,

Divine Reflection.

Conscious action taken with a hope

which will expound to the outer world

the firey noble birth of love fueled by

the sweet nectar which has rendered my heart

to a state of Unity to all who view.

My window, not only an ornament for my own


My window, the picture of my heart...

where it waves to the world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To tell you I love you all.

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Wonders of Winter

The first snow of winter blankets the ground in purity

A dazzling white as far as the eye can see

The air is chilly and sounds serene

From the chirping birds to just my state of being,

But I'm cold.

The smell of baking bread and cinnamon

The sight of snowforts and snowmen

The laughter of shildren playing in the snow

Oh! To see what they see and know what they know,

But I'm cold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

November 21, 2000

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Everything I have

When I met you

You became my life

Life is so easy

Easy to give

Give to you my all

All my heart

Heart that needs love

Love from a stranger

Stranger I never knew

Knew he'd come along

Along to share my dreams

Dreams that I hold deep in my soul

Soul for the taking

Taking to new heights

Heights that never been reached

Reached out for you

You became me savior

Savior of all my all

All that I have to offer

Offer you my love

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  it's only the rain

  that rattles the windows

  and shuts out the pre-storm



  it's only the wind

  that blows the treetops

  around with bitter fury



  it's always the silence

  that cries for nature's

  interruptions and corruptions


And sometimes

  the sky is for an instant

  golden while a night filled

  with instant deafening


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is very old, I wrote it AGES ago, but it's one of the only ones from that period of my life I still like

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You came upon a midnight's whisper

Like an angel in a dream

You said my name and held me close

And took me under your wings

You made me feel safe and warm

You sheltered me from the worlds harm

Your here to love and guide me and keep me safe

Till another angel takes your place

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Dar My Babe

Dar My Babe I Miss You So,

I Don't Know Why I Let You Go.

We Haven't Spoken In A Week,

And Now My Eyes Begin To Leak.

My Sweetheart How I Want You Here,

But This Won't Happen Now I Fear.

At Least To Hear You Calms A Bit,

As Here In Worry Now I Sit.

I Fear For You So Much My Love,

As Soft And Gentle As A Dove.

As Gorgeous As The Morning Dawn,

But Yet Your Confidence Is Gone.

You Tell Me That You Look So Bad,

My Sexy Baby You Are Mad.

I Know Your Curves & They Are Fine,

If Only I Could Make You Mine.

God My Love I Miss Your Touch,

I Miss Your Pretty Face So Much.

I Yearn For When You Smiled At Me,

If You Were Here, This You Would See.

I Miss The Times That We Made Love,

Your Body Fit Me Like A Glove.

I Miss The Softness Of Your Skin,

I Miss Your Eyes, Your Lips, Your Chin.

If I Could Hold You In My Arms,

I'd Try To Keep You From Life's Harms.

I Love You More Than Life It Seems,

Dar My Babe, Your Beauty Beams.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sat Here Wondering If This Special Person Is Safe Tonight. This I What I Came Up With.

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