Take My Love

Ugonna Wachuku  



When all is said and lived;

when beauty and joy are

planted in your earth-heart;

when the last royal roses

come to you, remember, I

will always be there for

you through pain, agony

and tears.


And handsome heaven's

brilliance will be your 

light through dark waters.

Day shall be your companion

through sun-lit pathways

of hope, love and new



In my soul, caring streams

and rivers will rise on this 

trying, painful journey 

through life. 


Windful waterfalls will kiss

me for a new kind of hope in

love and beauty enchanting.


Just remember, I will always

be there for you. Darling, you

can gladly count on me to till

the land and work the farm 

through every pain and 



I will tend the garden and

bring you roses and tullips

of blue and yellow.

So, always remember,

there will be no if.

I'll listen and care. 

I'll uphold you to 

outlive every terror 

and pain with love 

and wisdom. 


You can always count on heaven

to bloom my heart anew each day.

Even when the spirit is weak, I

will ever remember that you are

there. Surely, darling, I will.


Take my love when you will.

And remember, through this

pain, through this agony,

I will ever 

be there, 






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synonymtwist's picture

For one to ever begin to recognize love on this Earth, One must obtain an unbleedable wound, known as the broken heart. It is men with these of broken hearts that can truly say undoubtedly, "Taketh my love by sunset and darling it shall find you each morning of eternity". I hope Ugonna I'm making some kind of sense. I believe It is the words you write that echo from your heart of canyons that set you free. Your words must be the fingerprints of your soul. I marvel at your flow and your choices of description. I will continue to read your works my friend. Foolishly I believed it was gravity that held me within the realm of this world, when all along it was simply the magnetism of your soul captivating mine. Godbless!

bettieblue's picture

a lovely poem in celebration of love..flowing words straight to your heart..

Deborah Russell's picture

A beautiful poem and lovely words, often do not take effect in "real" life. Perhaps that is one reason to write the night with wonderful dreams. Thanks for sharing a simply romantic poem.

William M. Sowman's picture

An excellent tribute to your love. And all you have to do my friend is "listen" to her heart for the response you seek. Bill

Marcia Ellen "Happy" Beevre's picture

But can you just listen, my friend, when what I need is for you to only listen? And not try to fix the problem but only share it with me while I am giving it my voice? Is such a gift found in any man?