My Garden Green With Love

Love is like the pretty flowers opening up to the rainy showers

Blooming in a heart that’s true,  I can now be at one with you

For here in this garden of mine, we have transcended all time

Planted in luscious soil, all it needs now is a little care and toil

Tended by loving hands, love will acquiesce to their commands

Leaves of green,  petals in pretty hues, pay their knowing dues

Beds of delightful pleasures bringing us their richest treasures

Reaching upwards to the sun, the morning light has now begun

Spreading out and drinking in, all that each flower needs within

Plant me in your garden green, let me bloom there and be seen

Tend me there with loving hands, release me from these bands

Let me grow towards the sky, and let the clouds rain their cry

Drinking in its sweet refrain, the freshness of the coming rain

Feed me with the juice of passion, love me in a tender fashion

Watch me grow and see me smile, come to me in a little while

For my bed is green and tended well, I will sing out in the dell

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is a thing of beauty when treated with tenderness

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The Spirit Within

Lover's Lane

i am the fire that makes your heart beat

you are the water that makes my soul pure

i nurture the earth underneath your feet

you are the air that i breath

love is the reason that we live for sure

you are my soulmate

knowing about my spirit within

always love, never hate

i love you

no matter what the others see

i only know what is true

your spirit within is the true beauty

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One Wild Horse

Better Poems



From ink flows meaning. Listen:

When Wildheart lacks lovebeauty

She goes for trinkets,

Seeking to feel the beautiful

she becomes greedy

wanting mere decoration.

what is needed is Love's beauty

Passing through heart as an arrow,

Piercing her numbness;

Like a river

quenching heart's thirst.

she would drop all trinkets if

she could have the love

Of one Wild Horse,

That could not be harmed, stolen, nor changed.

this love would flow like wind.

Leaning on it, she would be borne up------born.

with this love, she'd be stream, not its stones.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was trying to find the real need underneath the unreal needs that were masking the real

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Winter's End

The tulips tilt their sculptured heads

To gaze into the sun.

The lime-green grass is peeping through,

The suckle's on the run.

I hear a melody of songs

From high atop a tree.

It must mean winter finally passed

And spring has set us free!

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Caring and Loving

Ugonna Wachuku


You always talk about
caring and  loving:


You talk about brotherhood and
togetherness. You even take walks
through crowded streets looking for
the needy.


You pray always for the poor and
the unloved. You even pretend that
you care whenever you see me. You
proudly stand in street corners
to sing of your love for humanity.
You even sing of your love on TV
and radio.


You smile those lip service smiles
all the time. I cannot see it coming
from your heart because you always
avoid my eyes. When they call you,
you tell them how much you care;
how much you love. You preach it
from the pulpit. You sing it on
stage with lusting souls. I cannot
tell whether you mean it because
you never show it indeed.


When I needed help, you turned your
pious back on me. You gave reasons.
I might run away, you said. Where then
is the love you preach and sing about?


I needed a place to lay my little head.
But you left me all alone. You told me
to go and sleep in the cold hands of
unhealthy streets. You left me all
alone; all alone to swim with hungry
sharks and heartless people.


You smile when you see me and pretend
to care. You only remember that I exist
when you see me. You pretend to care and
love. Remember, you cannot light-up a room
and cover the light. The light must shine.
You cannot pretend for too long. Even in
my dreams, I see the uncaring and unloving
nature of your being and soul. I calmly see
the hypocrtic handsomeness that you possess:


In my dreams and tears, I scream:
Hypocrite! Hypocrite! Because with
your uncaring nature, you teach me
what love is not. And I learn for
the good of humanity and for me
because all I want to know and be
is what love is:


I'll always scream hypocrite
because you need to know the
truth of the spotted leopard.
Surely, my dear, the truth
will make you free. And my
caring screams will fade
away like a departing
flower fountain! 


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Satanic Serenades

Noctuary, Noctuary

Black flame burning in My Mind

How many spells cast & fortunes told

By the glow of your dim light?

There within shadowy chambres

Recesses in the black

A soft light there shown

A cyclopse tapping through the night

A lambent world possessed of wonderous delights

The slither did some hither

And took to Me as My own

A gleam in thine narrow eyes did belove My heart

And those who scurry one to another

They chew on flesh & bone

The flying one so filled with joy

Repleat, the lust for life

Opulent ones of Bastian soul

Black & grey they wandered

To join Me as the Rites were said

To part the Gates asunder

What dread words are writ above

To frame the four-sealed wonder

And what dread seal enscribed thereon

Upon the blackened Altar?

Dimly lumanescent eyes

Gazing from the Darkness

Hulking apparition shown

Black horns in defiance

And staring down beside Him now

Ready to the pounce

A crouching phantom of winged fang

Pale with eyes of blackest coal

So many nights there filled with grace

By candle's flame & incense climb

As the world sleeps, that is My time

Amidst the headless cross

Beneath Bathsheba's face

Of which no mortal can erase

There lays the blighted place

Noctuary, Noctuary

Still you haunt My brain

The days & nights awash in red, black, & amber

The scent of Magic in the air

The undulating flesh

The fount of pleasure overflowed

Upon the cup of Nectar

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An Ode to Black Heaven on Earth, The Haunted Noctuary, My Total Environment & its ghoulish inhabitants.

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Spring Fever

My mind knows that I should be cleaning.

My house is a terrible mess.

But the bird in my window keeps singing,

And I know somewhere near there's a nest!

There's dust on the table and counter.

And dishes are piled in the sink.

But, Lord, when the sun shines so clearly,

It's hard just to make m'self think.

The beds were all made bright and early,

But the floors still need to be swept.

If that bird doesn't hush with its chirping,

I'll soon be completely inept!

The song floats on through to the front room

Where the sunbeams are dancing about.

I can't take anymore!  I can't stand it!

Lord, forgive me, but I'm going out!

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Where Im From

I am from the stars, the moon,

And the evening sky, shining

And gazing down upon the earth.

I am from the lark’s song, from which

Its melody, ladens the earth in serenity,

And transforms the chaos, to peace.

I am from chocolate, the way it melts

In your mouth, and you feel that

Smooth texture, and for one blissful

Moment, you feel good.

From the docks of Maine, I come, where

Nature and its beauty rule.  Longing

To see its elegance once again.

I am from my own peace of mind, calm,

Unique, and filled with the wonder

And innocence of a child.

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Do You Feel It?

The sunshine warms my back and arms.

Leaves rustle in a gentle breeze.

All is well for this short breath of time.

The fragrance of the honeysuckle calls my name sweetly.

The flaming color of the woods draws me near.

I see and feel and smell the wonder of all earth.

My soul expands to know that God loves me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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