Earth Angels






Do any of us know what angel's wings feel like? 


Imagination stirred allows us to reach for their feathers


But alas! Angel's Wings cannot ever be tethered


A touch might fracture their image so,


I think I'll simply look at them and watch their show


Like the love of a guardian, a father's warm hug,


A mother's shepherding hand to chaperon,


And she said she talked to angels, whence she had fallen into hell,


And they brought her from the bottom,


As if from a wishing well,


We all have our ideas of what an angel is,


For myself, angels are loved for the balance they give.




6:16 PM 7/16/2013 ©



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a.griffiths57's picture

I think the life force

I think the life force creates and projects the images of angels and as are most other beings they are good and bad too. I like your poem very much nighlight1220 a good read.

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A Reworked Mythology

Biblically, angels are fierce messengers; wings compliments of Eros. Attributes: I like the affectational definition. :D