Imagination is what keeps us positive

Imagination is what makes us look forward

Imagination is probably what keeps us alive

Imagination is what sometimes listens awkward


Imagination is a life's attitude

Imagination is a lifelong hope

Imagination is a life's creation

Imagination is thinking without hesitation


Imagination is a dream with no limits

Imagination is a hope with no cross lines

Imagination is an aim to feel life with different ryhmes 

Imagination is where everything seems perfectly fine 


Imagination is when you start to seriously believe

in fairytales,and perfection drama queens

Imagination is a dream that you wish it was real

Imagination is when your eyes start to imagine see

things that you know they will never be seen or happen on real


Imagination is when you think

about something that can never happen

in dreams they may appear, but on real they're nothin'


because we need something unreachable

we start to dream unconrtolable 

we want to make it possible ...but we're incapable 

if only it was available!!!


Imagination doesn't mean you're sick

or doesn't mean you're weak. because you deceit yourself, and can't see life on real.


Imagination means you're alive and you can dream, with no fear...

it gives you the freedom to think about how you feel!


Imagination sometimes kills our insistance to get what we want

because what we want is sometimes a no way possible we have to hardly move on.


Imagination is also good to push us forward to achieve our dreams

and work harder to change what we imagine into affective real


without Imagination ,life is  nonsense

because we want to feel what we want to really feel but we can't 

but when we imagine sometimes helps us out and takes our hand!!


Imagine is to create and to is to dream..and hopefully achieve..!!

Imagination can sometimes turn into Real :)


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