Forsaken me

My Lord

My Lord

why have thou forsaken me

i am lost

i am naked


why lord will you not let me in

what is it lord

what is my great sin

if i were a millionare no one would be hungry

no child without a home


why lord have you brought me

to this desert and left me alone

you say you love me lord and i know

that you do is this just a test your putting

me through


patience is a virtue not easy to understand

is this why lord you brought me to this barren land

my soul crys out my heart in pain

will this wilderness ever see any rain


the closer i get to you

the harder i have to fight

satan attacks me both day and night


lord i need a rest i need a break

lead me from this wilderness

or my soul you must take...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a poem about a struggling christian

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