Same Book Different Cover...

Anger, loneliness and boredom have consumed this empty vessel as the lust for life lingers on year after year, birthday after birthday.


Physical beauty has reared its ugly head once more as the generation of looks has stunted the real beauty as people develop the perfect image on the inside but resemble the characteristics of an animal on the outside to the general populace.


My immediate future destroyed by what once an innocent child was enjoying life to the full has damaged ones chance of enjoying young adulthood, when life becomes worth living.


Living life behind a shroud of jokes and smiles as you inflict false joy on the world and excrete the image of clown a jester someone who use paint and costumes to interact with the world. I use a smile.



I’m only in the late spring of my life so optimism and hope have crept their way back in my life as I know any amount loneliness can be fixed by love as this heart is ready for a new chapter.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Literally did this in a matter of minutes, as I've always thought I was right to do poetry so I thought I'd give it a go.

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