How To Get Out Of A Hole

Vintage Words


Find a toe hold

if there are none, make

one. Insert strongest

big toe.


This also works when

you get in too deep

and when you

can not see your

way out of a bind.


If prone to dreaming

also locate finger hold

and pull up. You will

fall several times

but never stop trying.


Always remember that it 

is easier to get into a hole

than break fingernails

and toenails to get out

of one.








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Hey there, Lady A. Need a

Hey there, Lady A. Need a hand up?

Copyright © morningglory

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I Sometimes Want A Hand Up

I know you will always be there with a ladder. Thanks ~Allets~

Lady A


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:) Ladders are a lot

:) Ladders are a lot easier... ;) <3

Copyright © morningglory

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They are :D

Lady A