His Love Displayed

His Love Displayed


For us to live for The Savior above, we must grow in God’s love,

Not only in the knowledge of, His love which comes from above,

We must practice love’s discipline, through The Spirit from within,

Obeying the Spirit of Jesus Christ, for us to live a disciplined life.


Concerning God’s Word, as we hear it, we must walk in The Spirit,

This that our flesh be crucified, following Christ, Who for us died,

No longer living as our former life, that only produces in us strife,

But, living in the Spirit of Christ, following Him, in newness of life.


The love we need is from God, not from earth, where sinners trod,

God’s love, not tainted, but pure, the only love which shall endure,

The love displayed by our Savior, is what must shape all behavior,

For as the wicked continue to rail, that love from Christ will not fail.


From the Lord we receive discipline, as God helps us deal with sin,

This, as our Lord works in us, to produce in us, His Righteousness,

This, while God cultivates in us, an abounding love of Christ Jesus,

So God’s love can be unfurled, upon the souls in this needy world.


We must love neighbor and enemy, Love that comes from Calvary,

A love that may be hard for us, but, possible through Christ Jesus,

For His Love is not self seeking, a love bound up in earthly things,

But, Christ’s Love, from Calvary, is the eternal love, men must see.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)

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