In God’s Arms

In God’s Arms


Leaning on God’s everlasting arms, we are safe from all alarms,

Instead of leaning at times we fall, if we don’t heed Christ’s call,

A call to cast all our cares to Him, so, we fall into worry and sin,

Then sin moves some to despair, when they don’t cast off care.


Each and all concerns in this life, must be given to Jesus Christ,

Who guards us from worry and sin, granting us His peace within,

God’s peace deep within our heart, as calmness He does impart,

This, when we rely upon The Lord, a peace from God is assured.


Worry’s simply Satan’s way, to get our hearts and minds to stray,

Away from God’s Word indeed, as new doubt he begins to seed,

Desirous, that in a short time, doubt will hinder all peace of mind,

Filling hearts with much concern, far from the peace that we learn.


For much peace indeed, is wrought, when we heed what is taught,

By the Spirit and Word of God, as Christ leads with staff and rod,

Leading us beside waters still, as we follow God, obeying His will,

As Christ fills us with His peace, even though trials may not cease.


All that happens in this life, is ordained or allowed by Jesus Christ,

So regardless of when or where, indeed our Savior is always there,

Helping us in every trial and test, so that in the end we are blessed,

For from the beginning of all alarms, we are secure within His arms.


(Copyright ©07/2013 Bob Gotti)

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