Follow Your Heart?

"I follow my heart/ and people say I'm shallow/

well, "Hello."/ what's up/ with the/ never settle

saying/ or is it/ just a slang/ like bout it/ bout it/

or better yet/ Atomic Dogg/ I find myself/

a father to be/ and a mother/ who wants/ a



"She hates/ that she/ loves me/...I love her too/

but I don't/ hate myself/ as a matter/ of fact/ I'm

following/ my heart/ like the preaching/ of

salvation/ and revelations/ I don't see/ a future/

in foresight/ and don't/ blame it/ on the/ rain/ for

the pain/ in her heart/and the stain/ in my soul/"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

#beyou #bereal #behonest