Experiential Learning For A World At War






This “War On Terror” and “The War On Drugs”

will just create a much more sophisticated kind of thug,

And though prison is big business in the “land of the free”, 

Let’s not run from the truth about these inmates I see.


All dressed up, 

In the latest warehouse gear,

With a touch of arrogance to cover the fear,

As they wait to be judged, the most of them find

their life has already been mapped out by society’s sick mind.

Yet they all wait in line, being tossed to the side,

And accept the sick way that we twist the word “guide”.


For some, they get more than life outside would have brought,

The foundations of love out here no longer taught,

Minimum, medium and maximum stays,

Rape the future of so many lost yesterdays…


Tomorrows unseen await mystically hid,

Will we find better ways to undo what we did?

Could we manage to open our hearts and our minds,

And be inspired to seek the intelligence meant for us to find?


Why do our schools neglect to educate?

Our young people are full of fear violence and hate.

But what could we expect?

Do we teach them to live lives of honesty, loyalty and compassion…?

Can we look in our OWN eyes and honestly say that we even HAVE this to GIVE??


Do we make a priority of things that we touch

With our heart… 

More important than the riches we clutch?

Do we emphasize kindness, not envy and greed?



We find it more important that they all learn to read.


In this land of the free and the home of the brave,

Do we teach independence to ones that fall astray?

Do we seek out the differences and build a firm base for a child that’s different?



We simply erase.


We erase all the beauty when we close our eyes,

when we don’t take the time to be patient and wise,

But diversity lives where possibility lies,

And another young life sees the warehouse disguise.


As I wait in this prison I envision a day,

When society sees the light I see today,

There are only two things that can happen ahead,

We can salvage what’s left of love…

Or render it dead…


In the hands of the children, sits diversity’s chance,

To uncover the genius within humanity’s dance,

And for us now the elders,

Our atonement could TRULY guide

all the lost that have suffered due to the sin of false pride.


If the true heart of liberty fosters the cure,

It will lead countries to peace and the world from all war,

If we help men let go of the pain from their past,

Brave new worlds will shine through on this Earth,



Copyright 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I used wonder often..very often, how it is, that we can do so many unbelievable brilliant things, and discover so many things that make money---but we cannot figure out how to live in peace with each other. 



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