He didn't love her and he never could 

But she loved him and she always would
He played with her mind and broke it so fine 
She never had his heart just a bag filled with lies 
The agony she had, the torture he gave 
Her soul was dying and her heart was a slave
To her painful screams and his abusive touch 
He silenced her and ripped out her love 
Their kiss became pain 
And her eyes filled with shame 
Bleeding out disgust of their craving lust 
But she wanted more but he gave it up 
He wanted her to break into nothing 
He wanted her to consume with suffering 
He wanted her to scream and cry 
He wanted her pretty eyes to die. 
The broken heart of lust and love 
Her dying soul was left to rust 
Her smile always used to flirt 
But now it is consumed with dirt 
She's now just broken all inside 
Their passion of love became suicide. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love can be poison but you still take it anyway.

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Good news is that you do  not

Good news is that you do  not have to take it. Love yourself enough to know you deserve more. If a man is putting his hands on you he does not know how to love. Odds are he's never been taught, or he has been taught a false way to love. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been there and survived you can too. hang in there this too shall pass. 



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Definitely can relate

Definitely can relate

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been there, done with that.

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