Toxic friends! 2015

toxic friends 2015


the worse kinds of friends in life are called toxic friends

no matter if your hurting a hand they will not lend

they'll stab you in the back and then they walk away

there always crying on your shoulder every single day

but when you have a problem there quick to offend

thats when you think you've got a selfish toxic friend

there as two faced as they come just like a spoiled brat

they will tell all your secrets just like a dirty rat

lies that they will spread will hurt you to no end

that when you are certain you've got a toxic friend

so open up your eyes and watch all that you say

because it'll be made public the very next day

when you realise your so called friend is not so very nice

please let them go or it is you that will pay a heavy price

i hope you realise what they are before the very end

so you can back away and expell that very toxic friend




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because i had a very toxic friend and this person almost ruined my life and if it can help anyone expell that toxic friend from there life then i have done what i set out to do help someone see that there worth more than that


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